My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

With the official first sunshine filled day, and the green buds out on the trees… its times to start thinking about our summer bucket list. Weekends start to book up, the summer time activities/sports start soon, and before we know, it will be fall again.

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Marvelous Mama- Ashli Brehm

Marvelous Mama- Ashli Brehm


When I think of Ashli, I think of that wild mama dancing in her kitchen sporting a one-piece pajamas singing at the top of her lungs. Her infectious laugh that causes you to smile no matter the morning you have endured.

That is Ashli Brehm, a high energy ball of smiles and goodness.

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How To Keep Kids Busy Indoors During Winter

Inside Activities for kids for winter

I am always in search of new ways to fill the hours of the day. With cold weather and sick kids keeping us indoors for long days, it’s time to look for new activities to keep them busy!

Here are a few of my go-to activities to keep the kids busy on those long winter days. All of these activities only require what you already have in your house!

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Motherhood Is Like An Empty Toilet Paper Roll



For real!! No like for real!! 

That empty toilet paper roll…. it never fails! It always appears as I sit down. The first time I have been able to sit down all morning.

It stares back at me. Glaring. 

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How To Dress Up Your Yoga Pants For Fall


It’s that time of year, pumpkin spice and everything nice has filled our homes and store fronts! It’s also that wonderful, magical time of year, where we once again can pull out the beloved black yoga pants. Those comfy, soft pants that don’t make us feel guilty for binge eating ice cream after last night’s bed time battle with the kids.

If you can dress up this beloved clothing item to wear them out more in public, other than a trip to Target, even better!

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Unexpected Things Parents Can Do To Protect Their Child: Tips From The Professionals- Part Three



part three

Since having kids, I have stayed up late at night, worrying about all the what-ifs! As I listen to my husband’s breath heavy next to me, my mind runs through the “what ifs” through my head over and over again. It’s now become my way of counting sheep.  I know I am not the only mom out there who does this!

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Tonight, I Lost An Hour

Tonight I Lost An Hour2

Tonight, I lost an hour. I lost my self for a whole hour. By the dim light of my phone I looked at the journey of motherhood. I looked at what once  was tiny toes and a bald head turn into crazy giggling toddler with wild blonde hair.

I looked at how my world had changed from a battle field of burp clothes and pump parts to a land fill of paw patrol toys and coloring crayons.


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