To The Nurse Who Prayed Over My Son

*** This happened last November during one of the many hospital stays we had with our son last year. Still to this day I hold this moment close to my heart!

By the dim glow of the hallway light, she kneed by the his bed checking is IV. She laid one hand on his tiny leg that was limp in the oversized hospital bed. She laid her other hand on his chest, as it slowly raised up and down as he finally slept in peace. She bowed her head, just for a few seconds, and prayed.

She prayed over my son, the little boy she had only met hours before when she had come on shift. She prayed for his healing, for his pain, she took the time and prayed over my son.

 I stood there stunned, I looked at my husband who was standing behind her. His eyes where as big as mine. Countless people had been in and out of our hospital room over the past few days. Doctors with scary news, flustered and overworked nurse, multiple hospital staff who only addressed the adults in the room -ignoring the frightened child laying weak lost in the pale-yellow sheet covering the hospital bed.

The hospital was buzzing outside our door. Even though it was the dead of night, the hustle and bustle could not be muffled from our bubble. The monitor beeped, and the loud IV drip echoed in the room. My son’s eyes fluttered with what I wished was good dreams in this nightmare of this week.

This kind young nurse had taken the time to help a burnt out and destressed mom clean up her son and change his bed sheets after he had become sick. She had taken the time to help me bath my son with the same loving care as his mom. She tucked him under warm blankets and comforted him kindly.

Then she kneeled by his side to pray.

She kneeled there with her head down praying, for maybe thirty seconds- however it felt like hours. Time stood still.  She was praying for my son!

In today’s world— I never thought I would see this from anyone. We are always hiding our faith. Keeping it private. We wear our cross necklaces. We show up to church on Sunday. We say our prayers at night, under the darkness and privacy of our bedroom.

However, this young woman, never asked about our faith. She was not doing it for us. She was doing it for her- she was praying for our son. It was only thirty seconds. However, those thirty seconds I will hold near my heart forever.

She didn’t know that the simple action of bowing her head in prayer would have such an impact on my life.

In the moment- I was tired, feeling helpless, exhausted, and empty. That prayer shined light in that hospital room. Brighter than the low glow of the hallway light- bright light! Light of hope and love. The room changed in that moment for us as parents. That cold hospital room became warm and for the first time in days I was able to take a deep breath.

To the nurse who was overworked, exhausted- your simple act of praying over my son saved me. It was one of the top moments in my life I will always remember. Thank you to the nurse who prayed over my son.

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