Surviving Super Bowl Sunday with Food Allergies



Super Bowl is just around the corner, and so are Super Bowl parties. Tables of smoky wings, sweet treats, and adult beverages to be had. For most people this is a great time to cheat on their new years diet and indulge. For those who face food allergies it can be another reminder of what they are missing out on. Continue reading “Surviving Super Bowl Sunday with Food Allergies”

Gluten Free Flour Review


Jumping into the world of gluten free baking can be scary! Even after six years   of trying to navigate the world of baking with gluten free flour I still struggle.

It’s hard to find the right consistency with gluten free flours, and get the texture just right. Nothing seems to taste as good as ‘normal’ food.

Through trial and error, and at much cost, I have finally found which flour blends work best for certain recipes. Save your sanity and money, check out my review of gluten free flour blends. Continue reading “Gluten Free Flour Review”

Kid Friendly Shredded BBQ Chicken


Kid Friendly Shredded BBQ Chicken

This is a simple go to recipe, which is a staple in our house! It’s my go to recipe when we have had a crazy week, or the groceries are running low and I am not up for a trip to the store. Continue reading “Kid Friendly Shredded BBQ Chicken”

The Best Homemade Gifts for Kids


I think home made gifts can some times get a bad rap. You think of grandma like afghans, friendship bracelets, and embroidered hand towels. However, things have changed.

Some of my favorite baby/kid items are homemade. Things we use every day and I really can’t image my life without, to tell you the truth! Here are a few hot items that are cheap and easy to make as gifts for kids.

Continue reading “The Best Homemade Gifts for Kids”

Ohhh… It was a day!


Man it was a day! A day of all days!

After a night of being up with the toddler crying with stomach cramps, my husband finally gave in and put our daughter in bed with us around 4am. I was up at 5am nursing the baby in bed, looking at my sweet baby girl and hubby snuggling together. Part of me was kind of jealous of the fact he was getting those sweet snuggles.

Around 6am the toddler rolled over into the nook of my arm to snuggle, within seconds I felt this warm sensation all over me. Yep, she rolled over to pee on me.  Continue reading “Ohhh… It was a day!”

Rock’n S’more Cookies


These Rock’n S’more Cookies are the prefect fix to the wintertime craving for s’mores. Better yet they are Gluten free, Dairy free, Egg free, and nut free.  They are the prefects for kids who suffer from food allergies.

This sweet treat is best served on a snowing day with a side of hot cocoa and a good movie. Curl up with your loved ones and enjoy this sweet treat

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Seven No-Fail Snow Day Craft Projects


These are seven no fail snow day craft project you can do with your kids with things you already have in your house. No need to adventure out in the cold!

Those snow days, are LONG days for Mom. The kids are stuck inside and they get a little crazy after a while! Already this winter we have had countless days where I can’t rationalize taking the baby out to even go to the mall to walk laps.

This forced me to get creative on what I could busy the toddler with to keep her busy and to prevent me from going crazy! Continue reading “Seven No-Fail Snow Day Craft Projects”

Adventures of the Double Stroller


It’s that time of year, where the stores are a buzzing and your to do list never gets shorter.

When we found out we were expecting our second child we were thrilled! We started shopping for double strollers right away. I had put miles and miles on our old stroller with our daughter. Going for four to five mile walks daily, weekly trips to the mall to window-shop; just a ton of miles spent using that stroller.

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