The Mask of The Pinterest MOM


I laughed this morning as we walked into my daughters “School”. I LOOKED like that mom all other moms hate. That mom that looked like she had it all together, that mom with the kids dressed to the nines.  That mom who had so much time on her hands that made matching shoes for her kid and hair bows. You know that mom that you want secretly to be like but you also hate with a burning passion.

 backtoschool2 - Copy

Haha… today I was totally that mom.


What you don’t know is … I AM NOT THAT MOM. I totally 100% am not that mom. I DO NOT have my *Bleep* together!!


You see this Pinterest mom.  But this is what you don’t see!

You see cute homemade pencil shoes. What you don’t see is the $3.99 Hobby Lobby canvas shoes that I helped the toddler paint after nap time one day, in a desperate attempt to buy time until daddy got home from work.


You see the cute “back to school hair bow” the toddler was sporting. What you don’t see the massive melt down we had because mommy was planning on a pony tail that morning but the toddler wanted her hair curled and to have a matching hair bow. She also remembered that we had a hair bow that matched her new shoes, somewhere in the dress up clothes. What you didn’t see is the overly tired mommy who just did not have the energy in her for another battle that morning and gave in the toddler in attempt to keep the peace.


You see the cute school bus lunch bag. What you don’t see is the food allergy approved snack inside. A snack that will be different from every other kid in the class. The snack that will have to be eaten at a different table, away from her best friend who also is in love with Paw Patrol.

You see the bright yellow sweater that rounded out the outfit. What you don’t see is the $2.99 clearance price tag from Old Navy, that mommy clipped off that morning. Thankfully mommy got it last spring when winter stuff went on sale. Especially since all of our summer clothing was stained or way too small now!backtoschool4

You see the cute pink back pack that is as big as the toddler. What you don’t see is the $1 backpack from Walmart with an old hair bow glued on it. Or the pull-ups inside, since the toddler has recently decided that she wants to be like her baby brother again and use diapers. You don’t see the massive amount of paper work mommy had to fill out late last night, as she was finishing the toddlers cold chicken nuggets.


You see me drinking my Starbucks coffee.  What you don’t see is me gulping the now cold coffee down after a super early morning of meltdowns, lost paper work, crying, freak outs, and not enough sleep.


You see this cutie pie walking down the hall way of school, her mom sporting her Starbucks coffee looking like a Pinterest model of motherhood at its finest. Don’t be fooled. I am just as much of a hot mess as anyone. Faking it until I make it!




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