To The Nurse Who Prayed Over My Son

*** This happened last November during one of the many hospital stays we had with our son last year. Still to this day I hold this moment close to my heart!

By the dim glow of the hallway light, she kneed by the his bed checking is IV. She laid one hand on his tiny leg that was limp in the oversized hospital bed. She laid her other hand on his chest, as it slowly raised up and down as he finally slept in peace. She bowed her head, just for a few seconds, and prayed.

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The White Tent

the white tent 1

It stands there, a simple white tent. Something you may not have even noticed months ago, years ago. However, now that white tent makes our spines stiffen and our breath catches in our throat now.

Years ago, I worked in event planning. I have stood in dozens of white tents, breathing in the magical world within.

The white tent that held breast cancer survivors sitting around celebrating their personal victories. Pink feather boas hung around necks, bald heads where worn with pride. Laughter danced off the walls, and strangers embracing each other like long lost friends. You could feel the love and hope float in the air like a sweet smell, you could breathe in love.

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Five Ways You Can Help Grandparents During This Difficult Time

Five ways you can help grandparents during this difficult time


We are all feeling alone- struggling to cope with this feeling of fear. A lot has changed in our world over the past few weeks! Grocery stores are now danger zones, we attend church over the internet, and we spend days at a time at home. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone.

The elderly population is even at a greater risk right now, they are at greater risk for the Covid-19 and feeling alone! Many of them are home alone- unable to see friends or the family they count on for help or socializing!

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Parenting During A Pandemic

Parenting during a Pandemic

Yesterday my kids got to see their dad. For the first time in five weeks.

You see my loving husband is what we now call an “essential” worker. He is exposed countless times a day to the public, exposing himself to the virus in effort to serve his community. Since we have two kids with weakened immune systems, we made the discussion for me to move out of the house with the kids and in with my parents in effort to keep our kids safe until this pandemic is over.

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Ten Things You Need If You Are Now Homeschooling A Preschooler

Ten things you need if you are now homeschooling a preschooler


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How did we get here… I think all moms everywhere are in a state of shock. Reassessing our daily life, and our wine supplies.

I never imaged I would be homeschooling my kids- however here I sit on a child’s chair at a small table holding back tears as I trying to explain spelling and simple math to my kids.

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How To Save Big When It Comes To Pets

How to save big when it comes to pets6

Let’s face it- we love our furry four-legged friends. However, they can cost your family a pretty penny!

The cute puppy kisses are great but those vet bill can be like a toddler kick to the gut! The toys, beds, leashes, and gear all add up. Don’t even get me started on grooming cost- the dog can’t have a more expensive hair cut then I do!

So, here are some hacks on how to save BIG on your four-legged friends! These are all things I have learned over the years with our pups.

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How Sometimes I Am A Fifties House Wife, Read Before You Judge

50s wife

Yes, I am sure you’re going to hate me or have some strong opinions on this article. (I almost barfed even writing this… made me a little sick to admit.) Yes, some days I eye roll at myself also. However, there are many ways I am a fifties house wife and I love it.

In fact, it has helped my relationship with my husband and my kids. It has helped me feel better about myself. I used to roll my eyes at these kind of people- gag! However, I have started doing a FEW simple things to make me feel better about myself and they improved our family life also!

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Sickness Bucket- A Household Staple

sickness bucket

That dreaded bucket, you never want to reach for it but in the moment you’re so thankful it sits there in the back of the closet. Sometimes you reach for it in the darkness of the night, already mentally dreading the morning light that will come too soon. Sometimes you reach for it while you are full of the disappointment of having to cancel the plans you had for the rest of the day, mentally chucking out your to-do list.

No matter when, and how you reach for it. You will be thankful you are prepared for those running nose and green faces.

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Valentine’s Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs

Valentines Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs

Ohh… the joys of Valentine’s Day. I break out into a cold sweat when I think about having my five-year-old write the 20+ names on her tiny valentines. Ohh … the torture.

However, check out this easy (And food allergy- class room friendly) Valentine’s Day craft for your kids. The perfect Valentines that don’t require that dreaded tiny cards!

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