Strawberry Dream Cake


My daughter loves to bake, it’s her go to activity after nap time.  You know that time of day when it’s pre-dinner time, you’re watching the clock counting the minutes until the husband comes home and helps take over the massive craziness that is the house currently. The kids are bored, tired, fussy and whiney. It’s what I call the “witching hour”. 

So when she asks to bake with me, I say yes! Yes, to an activity that will keep her happy and fill up a few minutes until my support staff arrives home.

This day had been filled with two massively sick kids.  So, when those sweet puffy eyes and that runny nose looked up at me and asked me to “baking?”, how could I say no.  However, after having two sick kids for a few days now, we were running low on supplies and mommy’s energy. So I turned to something that is not a staple in our house… boxed cake mix. Continue reading “Strawberry Dream Cake”

Miles And Memories


miles and memories


If these old shoes could talk…

Some people just see a pair of mud stained shoes with frayed laces. They see thinning soles and the weathered fabric. Yes, these babies have done their time. Have earned their retirement for sure.

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The Mom Jinx

the mom jinx graphic

The mom jinx is no wives tale people!! It’s real! We have all experienced it! 


The minute we brag about how well the kids have been sleeping at night you will be enjoying countless all nighters. You toss those pull ups away and your toddler will have potty training regression. The minute you buy your child a new pair of shoes, they will grow a foot over night.

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The Diaper Bag Battle

We all struggled with that dang diaper bag. It’s a black hole of half full sippy cups, loose fruit snacks, baby socks, and books that are missing pages. It’s a bag you haul everywhere, and you just pray it has what you need, when you need it!

I try my best to clean out our diaper bag every Sunday night, however I swear our bag weighs at least ten pounds no matter what. Continue reading “The Diaper Bag Battle”

No Fuss Cake Doughnuts


My daughter thinks there are two food groups in her world, doughnuts and ice cream.  Since we have food allergies, buying doughnuts cost more than the $.50 ones most people buy at the local gas station.  They can run up to $2 each and come frozen. 

We were lucky enough to find a local food truck that offers allergy friendly mini doughnuts! This was life changing for us! I had not had a mini doughnut in over seven years! I think we both ate our weight in doughnuts, three times over, the first time we tried them. Continue reading “No Fuss Cake Doughnuts”