Sorry Mommy

sorry mommy

Those big round eyes look up at me under her bangs, a half smirk finds her lips, and she says in her sweet toddler mispronounced voice “Sorry mommy.”  I turn to wipe up the milk, making sure she doesn’t see the smile that has crept to my face.  How can I stay mad at that sweet face, and she knows it. This happens countless times a day.

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It’s Just A Bad Day

bad day 2

“Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life.”

It sounds so simple, but why is it some days it’s so hard to remember. When you are crazy busy trying to get everyone dressed and out the door, the toddler has toothpaste all over the bathroom floor, the baby is pulling out the outlet plugs, the dogs barking to go outside, and the washing machine is buzzing at you.  It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. It’s hard not to feel like you are failing at everything, that you’re not accomplishing anything correctly. It’s hard to feel like your whole world is not mass chaos.

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Tonight, I Lost An Hour

Tonight I Lost An Hour2

Tonight, I lost an hour. I lost my self for a whole hour. By the dim light of my phone I looked at the journey of motherhood. I looked at what once  was tiny toes and a bald head turn into crazy giggling toddler with wild blonde hair.

I looked at how my world had changed from a battle field of burp clothes and pump parts to a land fill of paw patrol toys and coloring crayons.


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Shake It Up Ice Cream

Shake It Up3


My sweet little girl… she runs on two things, sunshine and ice cream! This girl goes a million miles a minute, with mommy chasing in the wind.  From sun up to way past sun down, it’s a blur of blonde hair and laughter echoing our house.

Sunshine is what this girl lives for, she thrives off the rays of the sun. The outdoors call to her name the minute the sun shows its face. Her sun kissed locks are proof of the days spent cruising the sidewalks on bikes, and the splashing of pool water. Continue reading “Shake It Up Ice Cream”

The Mask of The Pinterest MOM


I laughed this morning as we walked into my daughters “School”. I LOOKED like that mom all other moms hate. That mom that looked like she had it all together, that mom with the kids dressed to the nines.  That mom who had so much time on her hands that made matching shoes for her kid and hair bows. You know that mom that you want secretly to be like but you also hate with a burning passion.

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Motherhood Is Not Always Picture Perfect

picture Perfect

I have said it time and time again… it’s not always perfect.  As we scroll back through our photos on our phones, we see countless moments of smiling kids.  Those big happy faces as they swing at the park, as they open birthday gifts, those goofy grins as they look up at the camera. All moments we capture with a photo.

However, how about those moments were we don’t know how we are going to get through the next hour. The moments where we start to count down the hours until we can put them to bed.  We don’t have those moments capture on our phones. We don’t have the epic melt downs, the drama over not having the right pajamas clean, the yelling, the screaming captured. Continue reading “Motherhood Is Not Always Picture Perfect”

The Working Stay At Home Mom: Concept Vs Reality

The Working Stay at Home Mom

Yes, I am a ‘stay at home mom’. I spend my day wiping sweet noses, chasing a giggling toddler in the front yard, battling nap time, cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, refereeing fights over cardboard books, and supplying an unlimited amount of snacks.   Continue reading “The Working Stay At Home Mom: Concept Vs Reality”

To The Families Behind The Heroes

To The Families Behind The Heroes

With the recent devastation in Texas and the hurricane in Florida, I think we have all have had first responders on our mind. We have seen the TV coverage of firefighters pulling the elderly out of flooding homes, police officers helping victims into rescue boats, and all of the brave men and women who have saved countless lives over the last few weeks.

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Five Hacks To Camping With Three Kids Under Three: From A Non-Camping Gal

camping hacks

I am not a camping girl, far from it! I way rather be sitting in a plush hotel room bed with down comforter and cable TV. However, my husband likes to camp. He grew up camping and it was important to pass that along to our kids. I recently decided to meet him half way when we rented a KOA cabin for a weekend getaway.  However, we choose to do this when we had my niece with us.  Yes, we had three kids (three years old and under) camping with us. How did we do it and still had a wonderful time? Let me tell you, it was not easy! However, here are a few things I found extremely helpful along the way.

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