Tonight, I Lost An Hour

Tonight I Lost An Hour2

Tonight, I lost an hour. I lost my self for a whole hour. By the dim light of my phone I looked at the journey of motherhood. I looked at what once  was tiny toes and a bald head turn into crazy giggling toddler with wild blonde hair.

I looked at how my world had changed from a battle field of burp clothes and pump parts to a land fill of paw patrol toys and coloring crayons.


I watched you, my sweet baby, lift your head up to camera for the first time to your eyes lighting up as you flew down the slide at the park alone for the first time.

I studied how your face has changed, how your smiles have grown wider, how every day you explored the world around you a little bit more. Becoming braver and fearless.

I looked at how our everyday life has changed. From tummy time to craft time. From dirty bottles to misplaced sippy cups.

I watch how I have changed over the years. My dirty shirts and bags under my eyes as I rocked you fast asleep. I saw my pride gleam through at your first dance recital. How on the bad days I looked at my wits end, and on the good days I look full of faith.

Tonight, I lost an hour as I scrolled through picture on my phone.  Watching you grow up. Pictures documenting our everyday life over the past three years.



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