How You Can Help In These Uncertain Times

In these trying times we feel helpless- we see the world crumbling. We feel unsure for the future, we don’t know what it will hold. We are trying to make life as normal as we can for our kids but we feel like we fall short every day. We can’t control anything right now- we don’t even know if there will be school for our kids next week. We are all trying our best as parents right now.

We can’t control much right now as parents, however what we can control is how we react to this uncertainty. We can show our kids to choose faith over fear! We can show them how we bond together, to help each other, in these scary times. We can lead by example.

Doing something to help others can give us purpose right now, it can help us make a difference, it can give us hope.

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The Most Unique/ Best Baby Registry Ideas No One Told Me About

There are countless baby registry list on Pinterest- pages of baby mittens, best bottles for newborns, and pictures of soft pajamas! You walk the aisle of Target, one hand on your growing belly and one on a scanner- you are feeling overwhelmed by the choices and the amount of stuff you will need. There are so many items that you will need for your little one- however these are some of my favorite items I still use to this day, that were never on ANY of those lists.

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To The Nurse Who Prayed Over My Son

*** This happened last November during one of the many hospital stays we had with our son last year. Still to this day I hold this moment close to my heart!

By the dim glow of the hallway light, she kneed by the his bed checking is IV. She laid one hand on his tiny leg that was limp in the oversized hospital bed. She laid her other hand on his chest, as it slowly raised up and down as he finally slept in peace. She bowed her head, just for a few seconds, and prayed.

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