To The Woman Who Gave Me A Voice

gave me a voice

I am thankful for my other family…


I am so thankful for my other family. No- not my loud, thoughtful, at times overly open biological family.  I am talking about my other family- my “Her View From Home family”.


As many of you know I am also a freelance writer for Her View From Home. Her View From Home is what I would call an online magazine featuring every topic women want to talk about. They feature stories on everything from pregnancy to the loss of a family member, silly things kids say to inspirational stories of faith.

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The Weekend I Had My husband Kidnaped

The Weekend I Had My husband Kidnaped

It’s the most wonderful time of year. The stores are hopping, people are shopping, and everyone telling you to “be of good cheer” … Not! Nope, not really.

You see when the Thanksgiving meal is covered in saran wrap and shoved to the depths of the fridge, people hit the stores with madness in their eyes and credit cards blazing. Crazed on bargains and the social rush to have all gifts under the tree by December first, this season is not full of good cheer.

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Frozen Car Pee- Shopping With Kids This Holiday Season


We have been in and out of the car a few dozen times today! 


Which means, a few dozen times I have parked the car only to find the tiny little humans have disrobed in the back seat. 

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These Are The Moments We Will Miss

These Are The Moments We Will Miss title

These are the moments we will miss…

I stood in my kitchen today, the baby was having a hysterical screaming fit because he would rather have a cookie than the meal that sat on his favorite plate in front of him.  The toddler sitting at the kitchen table, repeatedly telling me that she did not like ketchup. A condiment that was not even sitting on the table, let alone her plate.
I smiled, I smiled in that moment of pure chaos and noise, because these are the moments I will miss someday.

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