How To Dress Up Your Yoga Pants For Fall


It’s that time of year, pumpkin spice and everything nice has filled our homes and store fronts! It’s also that wonderful, magical time of year, where we once again can pull out the beloved black yoga pants. Those comfy, soft pants that don’t make us feel guilty for binge eating ice cream after last night’s bed time battle with the kids.

If you can dress up this beloved clothing item to wear them out more in public, other than a trip to Target, even better!

Here are five tips on how you can dress up your yoga pants this fall.

***Let’s start with finding the public appropriate pants. You don’t want to wear thin, cellulite hugging pants.  No one wants to see your beige granny panties, also.  These yoga pants are thicker for extra coverage, and provide a little extra support without sacrificing comfort. I would also highly recommend Old Navy’s leggings. They have a nice cut to them, and are also a little thicker than most.

Here is how to take those new pants and dress them up for your next outing:


#1 Add Demi

Just because you aren’t sporting the demi on the bottom doesn’t mean that you can’t add it to the outfit. By adding a demi shirt or jean jacket with a glitzy statement piece earring will pull together any outfit. It allows you to feel put together while still sporting comfort.   These studs are my go to glitzy pieces. 

yoga pants 5

#2 Foot wear

Throw on a pair of flats for lunch with the girls or fun high heels for drinks with the hubby!  I love to add a little touch of leopard print to feel a little foxier and less like the tired mom that I am! I love wearing a leopard print flat and my matching earrings, just to bring a touch of foxy to the top and bottom of my outfit. It’s all about how you dress it up. Just because you are sporting yoga pants or “leggings” it doesn’t mean that you have to sport them with your dirty old tennis shoes.

 yoga pants9

#3 Fall into Flannel  

You don’t need to sport your husband’s old t-shirts with yoga pants. You can dress them up with a flowy button up or my favorite is the flannel shirt! It’s a great way to incorporate those cozy fall colors. A flannel shirt provides you a little more of a loose look when you need to feel more comfortable after binge eating cookies during last night’s Greys Anatomy.


#4 Embrace the Yoga Look

Sport it with pride. Wearing an oversize sweatshirt with a big blanket scarf and a fun stud is a great way to class up a laidback look. Add a flat to round out the look. This is a great way to be comfy but dressy at the same time. I rock this look a lot when I attend playgroup or a marathon trip to Walmart. It allows me to feel put together while still being comfy as I chase little people.


#5 Cozy Style

You can also wear a big sweater with some cute boots for that typical fall look. I love to pair mine with these super cute buffalo print earrings! I just love how a sweater and earrings just make the outfit look so cozy together. It just makes you want to curl up by the fire, drink some hot cocoa, and read a good book.


Just because you have to leave the house doesn’t mean you have to change out of your yoga pants! You can turn this closet staple into a dressy look just by adding a touch of glitz with your jewelry! Check out Fire Wife Fashion for tons of fun pieces. They can class up any mom outfit in seconds!





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