Motherhood Is Like An Empty Toilet Paper Roll



For real!! No like for real!! 

That empty toilet paper roll…. it never fails! It always appears as I sit down. The first time I have been able to sit down all morning.

It stares back at me. Glaring. 


As I slowly exhale is pure exhaustion, I realize. That empty roll is a metaphor for my life. For motherhood. 

I give away little piece of me all day. Racing to playgroup and doctor appointments, battling over potty training, reminding my husband for the millionth time to pick up his dry cleaning saving me the trip, reminding little hands not to touch outlets, cleaning the floors countless times on my hands and knees, and chasing the fearless toddler throughout the store as he giggles with sheer delight. 

Square by square I provide my family with safety, comfort, and cleanness. Until I am empty. 

When it comes time to take care of myself … I am just empty. I don’t have anything left. I am just done for the day, exhaustion sets in and I am done. 

Just as that empty roll sits there, at the end of the day I sit there. Empty. Too tired to do anything for myself. 

As moms we give to our family all day long, how often do we refill our self and do something for just us? It’s key that we take care of ourselves, so we can take care of our family. However, how often do we do that? 


That empty toilet paper roll should be our reminder to take a moment, to take a break. To refill our roll, and do something for our self!  


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