My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

With the official first sunshine filled day, and the green buds out on the trees… its times to start thinking about our summer bucket list. Weekends start to book up, the summer time activities/sports start soon, and before we know, it will be fall again.

So, pen to paper, I started to think about my summer time wish list… what I really wanted for this summer, not what we had to get done.

I want this summer to be filled with memories, laughter, and time spent together. The real important things in life! Here is my official “summer bucket list”!

My Summer Bucket List7

#1- Travel

Let’s throw those kids in the car and set out on the open road for some wild adventures. Making memories and putting on the miles. That is what I want this summer.

I want to take advantage of the nice weather and explore as much as possible with my kids. They are now at an age where its easier to travel and I want to take full advantage of it!

Let’s face it, we all have some amazing memories of road trips from our childhood. I want to make those same memories with my kids!

I don’t care if it’s a short trip to see the Grandparents and spend some time out on the lake with them, or a long weekend trip to go camping and explore the outdoors. I want to travel as much as possible this summer.

My Summer Bucket List6

#2- Clean Out

Less is more… right? I need to deep clean every closet, every corner, every drawer. I think it’s officially time to toss those size six pre-kid jeans, those party pumps, unused new born diapers, and mismatched baby sox. It’s time to dig through those boxes that we have moved ten times since college and have yet to use anything in them.

My goal for this summer is to do a deep clean of our house, and reorganize so we can have a fresh, clean start this fall.

My main goal is to have our bedroom walk in closet well organized, the garage workable to the point that everything is put in its spot and easily accessible and clean out all of the toys we don’t play with. Those are my main goals for fall.


#3- Drive-In Movie

Snuggling the back of the car with tons of blankets and pillows, snacking, and watching the big screen. Its some of my favorite summer time memories. I can’t wait to make more this year at the Drive in Theater with the kids.

We have a blast packing dinner, stuffing the back of the car with tons of comfy pillows, and making the hour-long drive to watch the big screen. These are memories that the kids will hold dear to their hearts forever. We have to enjoy those drive-in theaters while they are still around!

My Summer Bucket List5

#4- Make Tons of Memories!!

I don’t care if it’s a trip to the park with our lunch, waking the kids up to look at the stars, or watching the kid’s eyes dance with excitement as we drive fast on papa’s boat… I want to make memories with my kids.

I just simply want to spend time with them, make every day as magical as possible! My goal for the summer is do one special, out of the normal routine every day. Some days it will be something simple like skipping nap time for bike ride, running to the dollar store for new pool toys, or maybe enjoying a cup cake with breakfast. Just something that mom would not normally do. Some days it will be trips camping or late-night ice cream parties under the stars! I just want to make memories with them, some special time with them.

My Summer Bucket List4

#5- Take In Every Moment

I want to push that laundry aside, I want to let the dust gather on the kitchen table light, let the windows gather dirt. I want to push that housework aside and enjoy the moment, live in the now. I want to run outside with my kids breathing in the laughter, I want to sit down and read books with little voices telling stories, I want to laugh as ice cream drips on our toes. I want to take in the summer with my kids. I want to enjoy them at this age, because it goes too fast. The toddler will be starting Pre-school this fall, a big mile stone, and I just want to enjoy this time together now!

The days are long, there is always something that needs to be done, but the years are short. I want to take the time to spend with them instead of worrying about the state of our house.

My Summer Bucket List2


I will be giving you guys updates throughout the summer on my goals. I strongly encourage everyone to make a list also. Before we know it, the leaves will be falling and it will be back to school time.

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