How To Keep Kids Busy Indoors During Winter

Inside Activities for kids for winter

I am always in search of new ways to fill the hours of the day. With cold weather and sick kids keeping us indoors for long days, it’s time to look for new activities to keep them busy!

Here are a few of my go-to activities to keep the kids busy on those long winter days. All of these activities only require what you already have in your house!

Painting On Snow Or Ice

I take a cake pan or a tray and freeze water in it. Use finger paint or water with food coloring to paint the ice. The melting water make a stain glass look! Super fun and easy clean up!


Camp Out

Have a camp out  inside, pitch a tent or build a fort. We watch movies or read books  in our tent while we eat popcorn. We also make a camp fire out of paper towel rolls, and a battery operated candle. I serve hotdogs and s’mores for dinner. It’s a great afternoon activity, and they will make so many memories in the process.

Inside Activities for kids for winter7

Swim Party Inside

This may sound crazy but it’s a ton of fun! Lay down towels on the kitchen floor and fill up the kiddy pool with warm water. Turn up the heat, pump out the island music, whip up some smoothies, and let the fun times roll!

 Inside Activities for kids for winter3

Activity Tables

We love to use our water table all year round (you can find the one we have HERE).  This is a great activity for when your are trying to get dinner on the table. I fill it with tons of different stuff. Some days it is dried beans, cotton balls, gift bag shredded paper, rice, shaving cream, or just about anything you can find at the Dollar Store. It’s a great busy time activity!  TIP: If you don’t have a water table, just fill a cake pan or a small tote and let them play!

 Inside Activities for kids for winter2.png

Science Book

This is a great book filled with fun science experiments for the kids. (Find it HERE).  Most of the items you need you already have in the kitchen. Super, fun and easy!! Love it!

 Inside Activities for kids for winter

Painting With Ice And Cotton Balls

Soak cotton balls in water colored with food coloring. Freeze them over night in zip lock bags. Use clothes pins, and paint with them on paper. TIP: Put paper on a tray or cookie sheet to prevent spillage!


Glow Sticks In Snow

Suit them up, and send them out after dinner time with daddy. We love playing in the snow at night with glow sticks. Build a rainbow snowman with multiple colored glow sticks inside. Super fun, and it wears them out! TIP: Stock up on glow sticks right after Halloween! They will be super cheap!

 Inside Activities for kids for winter4

Cloud Dough

Check out the RECIPE HERE! This is the softest play dough ever! All you need is corn starch and cheap hair conditioner. Super soft and smells great! TIP: Use Mr. Potato head parts to make funny a snow man with the play dough!


Birthday Parties

Yes, I have hosted multiple birthday parties for Paw Patrol charters, My Little Ponies, and random teddy bears. It’s all about making memories with your kids! I always have a stash of birthday hats, balloons, and banners on hand in my party bin. You whip up some cupcakes, and host a party in honor of the favorite toy of the week. It’s something my kids will always remember!


Paint With Pudding

BEST BABY/TODDLER activity out there! I have to admit we did this a ton when I had morning sickness and I had to keep the toddler busy.  Take those snack packs of pudding and a new paint brush, place the kids in the bath tub, and let them go wild! Use the pudding as body paint, let them paint the tub, or whatever! BEST part is that cleanup is so easy! Just wash down the tub by running the shower, and the kids are already in the tub for bath time! Super easy! Works great with young kids, since its totally edible! TIP: You can use jarred baby food for different colored paint (carrots, peas, etc.)

 Inside Activities for kids for winter6

Homemade Snow

Make homemade snow with left over baby cereal and vegetable oil. Mix a small about of veggie oil into the baby cereal to create this fluffy snow. It sticks together while still staying fluffy! TIP: Make sure to play with it inside a tray or a small tote to make clean up easier! A cheap party table cloth also works great!



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