Shake It Up Ice Cream

Shake It Up3


My sweet little girl… she runs on two things, sunshine and ice cream! This girl goes a million miles a minute, with mommy chasing in the wind.  From sun up to way past sun down, it’s a blur of blonde hair and laughter echoing our house.

Sunshine is what this girl lives for, she thrives off the rays of the sun. The outdoors call to her name the minute the sun shows its face. Her sun kissed locks are proof of the days spent cruising the sidewalks on bikes, and the splashing of pool water. Continue reading “Shake It Up Ice Cream”

No Fuss Cake Doughnuts


My daughter thinks there are two food groups in her world, doughnuts and ice cream.  Since we have food allergies, buying doughnuts cost more than the $.50 ones most people buy at the local gas station.  They can run up to $2 each and come frozen. 

We were lucky enough to find a local food truck that offers allergy friendly mini doughnuts! This was life changing for us! I had not had a mini doughnut in over seven years! I think we both ate our weight in doughnuts, three times over, the first time we tried them. Continue reading “No Fuss Cake Doughnuts”

Seven No-Fail Snow Day Craft Projects


These are seven no fail snow day craft project you can do with your kids with things you already have in your house. No need to adventure out in the cold!

Those snow days, are LONG days for Mom. The kids are stuck inside and they get a little crazy after a while! Already this winter we have had countless days where I can’t rationalize taking the baby out to even go to the mall to walk laps.

This forced me to get creative on what I could busy the toddler with to keep her busy and to prevent me from going crazy! Continue reading “Seven No-Fail Snow Day Craft Projects”

Softest Play Dough EVER!

Since the Play-Doh you buy at the store contains Gluten, it was not an option for us to use.  I went in search of a gluten-free recipe for play dough. I think I have tried every recipe you can find on Pintrest, with many epic fails! I finally found a recipe through my daughter’s early education class.

This is the easiest, and cheapest recipe I have found. It’s also the softest EVER!


Softest Play Dough

1 Part hair conditioner (I used Dove since I know its safe for my daughter, however you can use any kind you find at the Dollar Store)

2 Parts Cornstarch

Mix until combined. Stays fresh in a zip lock bag for about a week.