Shake It Up Ice Cream

Shake It Up3


My sweet little girl… she runs on two things, sunshine and ice cream! This girl goes a million miles a minute, with mommy chasing in the wind.  From sun up to way past sun down, it’s a blur of blonde hair and laughter echoing our house.

Sunshine is what this girl lives for, she thrives off the rays of the sun. The outdoors call to her name the minute the sun shows its face. Her sun kissed locks are proof of the days spent cruising the sidewalks on bikes, and the splashing of pool water.

Ice cream is this girls’ food of choice!  However, due to our food allergies I was sick of shelling out over $6 for a pint! With some expensive experimenting and lots of wasted ingredients, we have finally found the best of the best homemade ice cream recipe!

Shake It Up Ice Cream6

This recipe is quick, no cooking required, and requires very few dishes. Sweet words to any mom’s ears!!

Now, this is a food allergy friendly recipe, HOWEVER, you can use this recipe even if you don’t suffer from allergies. Please just sub the almond creamer for whipping cream.

Shake It Up Ice Cream


Now, because it is non-dairy it will have more of a crystal texture to it, as do most dairy-free frozen treats! However, it’s a great alternative to those expensive pints you find in the stores, plus it’s a super fun activity for kids!

Shake It Up Ice Cream5


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