Shake It Up Ice Cream

Shake It Up3


My sweet little girl… she runs on two things, sunshine and ice cream! This girl goes a million miles a minute, with mommy chasing in the wind.  From sun up to way past sun down, it’s a blur of blonde hair and laughter echoing our house.

Sunshine is what this girl lives for, she thrives off the rays of the sun. The outdoors call to her name the minute the sun shows its face. Her sun kissed locks are proof of the days spent cruising the sidewalks on bikes, and the splashing of pool water. Continue reading “Shake It Up Ice Cream”

The Great Gluten (Free) Adventure

gf expo

This week is a big week in our house, it’s a time that we look forward to all year long! Some people have their Super Bowl,  family vacations, or the State fair… we have the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest.  Continue reading “The Great Gluten (Free) Adventure”