To The Families Behind The Heroes

To The Families Behind The Heroes

With the recent devastation in Texas and the hurricane in Florida, I think we have all have had first responders on our mind. We have seen the TV coverage of firefighters pulling the elderly out of flooding homes, police officers helping victims into rescue boats, and all of the brave men and women who have saved countless lives over the last few weeks.


We see those heroic moments unfold on the screen in front of us… however what about those in our own back yard that risk their lives daily to protect ours. Where is their thirty second of fame?


Years ago, our pastor told us that every time he heard sirens he would pray. He would pray for those responding to the call and for their families.  It has now been a habit I have pick up on. Many times, I have said a prayer out loud in my car every time I seen those flashing lights. Thinking of those rushing toward the danger.


Our family has a strong connection to first responders. My father in-law has served for over 30 years on the local fire department, with great pride.


I remember the first holiday I spent with my now husband’s family. It was a Thanksgiving; his pager had gone off right as we were about to sit down to eat dinner. He rushed out the door, and the rest of the family sat down to eat. I was dumb founded. Life just went on, even though he was rushing in to a building engulfed in flames!


We often thought of those rescue workers in high remarks! However, how often do we think of their family?


He was a man who had given up his time, his safety, and his family time to help others.  His family had given up just as much! He had missed birthday dinners, baseball tournaments, anniversaries and so much more. A dad was missing from the dinner table because he was out saving lives.


In the recent hurricanes, I cannot help but think about those families who evacuated leaving their loved ones behind to weather the storm only to be first on scene once it’s over. Those lonely moms, car filled with their kids driving to safety all the while worried if their loved one will survive the storm, let alone their home!


All across the country right now, there are men and women fighting wild fires, flooding, and rescuing others in grave danger. Even in your back yard, there are brave people who are running in to burning buildings, responding to car accidents, and standing in front of gunmen all so we feel safe.


These are things that these  will not only face today, but they will bring them home tonight with them.  After they tuck their kids into bed, kiss their wife good night; they will lay there in bed thinking about their day.  The scene of blood, danger, holding someone in their arms as they took their last breath will haunt their dreams tonight, so we can sleep soundly.


Please don’t wait for a natural disaster to thank those in your community for all they have given up.  They don’t do it for the fame, the TV coverage, or the glory.  They do it for you and you alone. Thank you to all of our first responders out there!!


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