The Working Stay At Home Mom: Concept Vs Reality

The Working Stay at Home Mom

Yes, I am a ‘stay at home mom’. I spend my day wiping sweet noses, chasing a giggling toddler in the front yard, battling nap time, cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, refereeing fights over cardboard books, and supplying an unlimited amount of snacks.  

I spend my days alone at home with little people. The conservation is mostly made up of the Daniel Tiger theme songs, the phrase “one more?”, and the question of when will the next meal be served.

I am extremely blessed that I have been allowed to stay at home with my kids! That has not been wasted on me in the least!

Yes, there are some days I urn for a little more adult interaction.

Every month when I write out that check for my student loans I question if that was money well spent. Wishing I had a degree in early childhood education or laundr-olgy

However, when my children nap (on the rare occasion that they do), and when my husband gets home from work late at night… I travel to a magical place.  A place where I am able to write. I feel like a valued part of society. I feel like the old me, once again, the pre-kids me. I feel calm and at peace.

When people ask what do you do? I tell them I am a stay at home mom, I also own my own business, and I am a freelance writer.  People are quick to respond, “well that must be nice to stay at home all day!”

Yes, it’s true! Most days I don’t make it out of my PJs.  I don’t have a long commute to work. I don’t have late night meetings or big important meetings to stress about.

However, it’s not as glamourous as most people think it is

I am a stay at home mom first! That is my number one job. My husband works outside the home so I am 100% on child care. They don’t go to daycare.  That also means that just because I ‘‘work from home’’, it doesn’t mean I get to clock out at the end of the day.

Unlike a ‘’normal’’ job, I don’t get sick days. If I am not there to run things (kid wise or business wise), there isn’t anyone else to do it. My hours are long! Most nights I am up past midnight working. my two jobs over lap, I am doing two jobs at once!

 Great in Concept

People think that I have this cute desk and I sit and type on my key board all day. Ha-ha, I wish it was that simple. What you don’t see is the pile of clean clothes that is sitting next to it, the crying baby in the bouncy seat next to me, or the toddler who has taken up shop at my feet.

working mom

I don’t care what you do… you’re a freelance writer, medical transcriptionist, you do home parties, or you do direct sales; we are all the same. We are up late at night, sipping coffee by the glow of our laptops. We are trying to provide a little extra income for our family, trying to feel needed, trying to feel like someone other than that title mom/wife.



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