Surviving Super Bowl Sunday with Food Allergies



Super Bowl is just around the corner, and so are Super Bowl parties. Tables of smoky wings, sweet treats, and adult beverages to be had. For most people this is a great time to cheat on their new years diet and indulge. For those who face food allergies it can be another reminder of what they are missing out on.

I am here to help you navigate those Super Bowl Sunday Parties!

If you are attending a party, here are a few helpful hints and tips:



Bring your own everything. Don’t count on the hostess being fluent in food allergies. Even the best hostess, who tries to make an effort, can screw up. They may try to provide an allergy friendly appetizer however it’s cross-contaminated, leaving you with nothing to eat. No one wants to miss the game due to a trip to the ER or lying on the bathroom floor.

Protect your self and bring your own food.


Stay clear of the ‘snack table’

With many hands dipping and grabbing tasty treats, its just safer if you stay clear of the shared food table. Cross contamination can occur at any time. If someone dips the wrong chip directly into the dip, or grabs a handful of veggies after touching the bread sticks. There are just too many unknowns.

Politely ask the hostess if you can serve up your plate in the kitchen before anyone has had a chance to contaminate the food.


Be aware of hidden dangers

Be aware of those hidden food allergy areas. Such as hand towels in the kitchen. Make sure no one used it to wipe up breadcrumbs on the counter and put it back for you to use. Cutting boards and colander are a great source of hidden gluten too.


If you are hosting a party be prepared

There are a few easy prepackaged treats you can buy for your food allergy guest.

ALDI’s is a great source of cheap Gluten free snacks. Their sweet chili brown rice crisp are a great treat, along with their gluten free pretzels. Udi’s gluten free cookies are a prefect sweet treat to serve.

Also check out my recipe for Football Frenzy Dip! A yummy easy hot dip anyone can enjoy!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their allergies. Don’t be offended if they wont eat your food, its nothing personal. It might just be safer if they just bring their own food.



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