Seven No-Fail Snow Day Craft Projects


These are seven no fail snow day craft project you can do with your kids with things you already have in your house. No need to adventure out in the cold!

Those snow days, are LONG days for Mom. The kids are stuck inside and they get a little crazy after a while! Already this winter we have had countless days where I can’t rationalize taking the baby out to even go to the mall to walk laps.

This forced me to get creative on what I could busy the toddler with to keep her busy and to prevent me from going crazy!

Polar Bear Cupcakes

Baking is just part of our normal routine in our house. My toddler can pull out every ingredient that you need for banana bread without help. So it was a no brainer we needed a new snow day baking idea.

We used my favorite cupcake recipe found here. We used Betty Crocker Frosting; this is gluten free HOWEVER it says it may contain milk on the back. However, we have never had an issue with it.

We used Marshmallows for the ears and we used Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips for the eyes.


Snow Flake Snacks

It’s our ritual to eat pretzels every day as we watch Ellen. So I decide to mix it up on our snow day. We created snowflake treats using marshmallows and Gluten Free Pretzels.

The toddler had tons of fun creating shapes and connecting the pretzles together.


Snow in a Bag

I am not a fan of glitter; it’s a NO NO in our house unless I can control the environment. So this was an extra special project when she saw that I had pulled out the glitter!

In a large zip lock bag, add foaming shaving cream and a few tablespoons of glitter. Make sure you push out all the air when you seal the bag. Add Duck Tape over the zip lock part to prevent ‘spillage’.

We have so much fun smashing the bag to mix in the glitter, writing letters and faces in the snow.

It’s also fun for the baby to lay on his tummy and bat at it.

*** I always have cheap shaving cream from the dollar store in my craft tote for sensory table actives. Make sure you check the ingredients list for allergens.


Wanna Build a Snowman

On blue construction paper trace three circles creating a snowman. Now I cant draw a circle or a straight line to save my life, so I traced our cereal bowls on the paper. Glue on mini marshmallows creating a snowman. They can draw on a face or we used raisins for eyes and buttons.


Snowy Day Picture

My toddler is BIG into gluing things right now. So this is an easy project, however by the end we most likely have drained a whole bottle of glue.

Using Blue craft paper, glue on cotton balls creating a snow scene. I had a few foam snowflakes from another project that we added too, along with a few trees I cut out of paper.

Straw Necklace

This is my non-fail craft of choice!! When it’s the witching hour, right before dinner, when the toddler is having a ‘moment’ I know if I pull this out she will settle down long enough for me to make dinner.

Cut any drinking straws in to one-inch pieces and string on any piece of string you have. I love using IKEA straws for this because they are a hair wider, making them easier to string, and they come in tons of fun colors. Plus side is they are dirt-cheap!


Snow in a Bucket

You can create snow in a bucket or a tote by just combining two ingredients. Now this can get a little messy, so I high recommend playing with this on the kitchen floor.


Two Parts Baby Rice Cereal

One part Oil (veggie or Olive Oil)

*I use a little less oil

Mix together and it will form a fun allergy friendly snow. Use cups and cookie cutter to make a winter wonderland. Its Soft and wont melt!

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