Ohhh… It was a day!


Man it was a day! A day of all days!

After a night of being up with the toddler crying with stomach cramps, my husband finally gave in and put our daughter in bed with us around 4am. I was up at 5am nursing the baby in bed, looking at my sweet baby girl and hubby snuggling together. Part of me was kind of jealous of the fact he was getting those sweet snuggles.

Around 6am the toddler rolled over into the nook of my arm to snuggle, within seconds I felt this warm sensation all over me. Yep, she rolled over to pee on me. 

Off went the sheets, mattress pad, toddler in the bath. What a morning. It wasn’t until after the hubby left for work did the stomach flu rock the house like a S*&# ton of bricks.

My long morning became longer with the washing machine running non stop, Paw Patrol blasting on the iPad, the twinge of mom guilt over the massive amount of TV being watched, and countless sippy cup refills of Pedialyte.

All the while I was trying to swallow the pain of my own stomach cramps, because moms don’t get sick days.

The afternoon turned to evening, we made it through dinner time with dry toast, we had our third bath time of the day, we limped till bedtime stores.

Now, as I rock the baby in the low glow of the night light in the toddlers room as she snores with a peaceful slumber, I see the massive pile of laundry in the playroom across the hall I never finished folding. I realized the clean sheets never made it to our bed, the bath water is still in the bathtub, and the memory of the Mount Everest sized pile of dirty dishes in the sink down stairs creeps into my head.

I take a breath…

We survived. It was not all bad! My kids are alive!

I am thankful that it was just a bug and my kids are home tonight, warm in their beds.  Not laying in a hospital bed as so many children are. I am blessed to have enough clothes and towels to make it through a day like today. Who cares if they are scattered across the playroom floor.

I may be tired, burnt out, and let’s face it I probably smell… but I was blessed enough to be there when my kids needed me! I was there to give them that comfort that only a mommy can give.

I look at those sweet sleeping faces, and the day melts away. Tomorrow will be spring. A new day filled with new challenges. God got me through today, he will get me through tomorrow!


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