The Best Homemade Gifts for Kids


I think home made gifts can some times get a bad rap. You think of grandma like afghans, friendship bracelets, and embroidered hand towels. However, things have changed.

Some of my favorite baby/kid items are homemade. Things we use every day and I really can’t image my life without, to tell you the truth! Here are a few hot items that are cheap and easy to make as gifts for kids.

Car Seat Covers

This was the best baby item I have EVER made! Hands Down!! This is the best car seat cover out there! It covers the sides of the car seat protecting them from the wind while still allowing you to use the handle. I have use those other car seat covers in the past where you just flip it down from the handle, however the minute you go outside they flap in the wind, thus not protecting them from the elements.

You can also use this cover as nursing cover! I love it also for nursing because it also provides you more coverage then the typical nursing cover. Some times it’s hard to wiggle out of your clothes to nurse and you have your back fat hanging out. This cover covers your back and side so you don’t feel half naked as you strip down to nurse. It’s also lightweight so the baby doesn’t get too hot.

There is nothing grosser in my mind than a shopping cart! Especially in the middle of winter, with everyone’s germy hands. I have used this cover also in shopping carts to cover the handle and protecting my little one from some of those germs.

Now I have seen something like this on Amazon and other sites, however those retail for over $20. However, I made mine for a fraction of the cost. Plus these are super easy to make!

All you need is a yard of fabric. I bought a yard of jersey fabric at Wal-Mart for just $3 a yard! The top is twelve inches and the base is two and a half feet. You just make cuts down the sides and sew them up.

I made mine in less than 20 minutes with my toddler “helping”.


Cut out letters

Now this is not a project I could ever do, it looks too time consuming for me. However, rock star auntie made my daughter these super cute fabric letter cut outs.

She found a fun font and printing them out. You cut them out and use the cut out as a pattern on some funky design fabric. She used quilt matting in the middle to give them some fluff.

We use them all the time! We write words with them, we sort them by colors; we throw them in the air.

Now my daughter is a big fun of “Super Why?”, a children’s TV show where they talk about letter and reading. She loves to find the letter they are featuring and hold them up to the TV.


Tee Pee

As any good grandparent, my mother-in-law made this large toy for us to use and store. My daughter loves to play in it and so do our dogs (mostly to seek shelter from the toddler).

There are many, many ideas and how-to on Pinterest on how to do this. My mother in-law just used PVC pipes and fabric. The top is held together with some colorful ribbon.

The best part of this gift was that it folds down and can fit under our king size bed when we are done playing with it.



Now we call these ‘lovies’ in our house. Basically it all started when my daughter was younger and enjoyed caring around a blanket for comfort. The problem we ran into was the fact that she would trip over the blankets because they were too long. My mom came up with this great idea to make ‘lovies’. Just a small square blanket that she could carry around without tripping.

They are just flannel of one side and fleece on the other. It’s a great easy sewing project for an afternoon. The best part is that you can make a ton out of two yards (one yard per kid of fabric) so you will always have a clean one on hand!


Next time you are looking for a fun kids project to do on a cold Saturday afternoon, consider making one of these. Trust me they are ALL highly parent rated, and they will be well loved.


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