Frozen Car Pee- Shopping With Kids This Holiday Season


We have been in and out of the car a few dozen times today! 


Which means, a few dozen times I have parked the car only to find the tiny little humans have disrobed in the back seat. 

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To The Mom At Target Tonight

To the Mom at Target Tonight

To the mom at Target tonight. I could hear that sweet cry of your hungry newborn aisles away. The sound made my uterus skip a beat, that sweet little voice. I thought right away about those snuggly soft baby blankets, the sweet smell of a newborn’s head, the tiny little diapers covering an even smaller tush.  As I got closer to the check out, I felt your pain. I remember the feeling of desperation trying to get the groceries loaded and trying to paying before causing a scene. Trying to hush the baby, and dig for a checkbook at the same time. Feeling overly tired, frantic, and overwhelmed by this tiny little life that is disrupting everyone’s shopping experience.

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Adventures of the Double Stroller


It’s that time of year, where the stores are a buzzing and your to do list never gets shorter.

When we found out we were expecting our second child we were thrilled! We started shopping for double strollers right away. I had put miles and miles on our old stroller with our daughter. Going for four to five mile walks daily, weekly trips to the mall to window-shop; just a ton of miles spent using that stroller.

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