The Mom Jinx

the mom jinx graphic

The mom jinx is no wives tale people!! It’s real! We have all experienced it! 


The minute we brag about how well the kids have been sleeping at night you will be enjoying countless all nighters. You toss those pull ups away and your toddler will have potty training regression. The minute you buy your child a new pair of shoes, they will grow a foot over night.


It’s a real thing! And I jinx myself every time!!


Just yesterday I brought my son on a run with me. He refused to let go of this little people boy grandma had bought him and he had not put down since. I did not dare bring it with us in the stroller in fear of loosing it along the five mile stretch. However, after countless fears and one big fat lip quivering uncontrollably I gave in. 


A few miles in I was so proud that he had not tossed it over the side of the stroller once. I let my guard down and relaxed. I thought to myself “wow what a great guy!” 


It was then, I saw this sad lost toy, left behind by another child. Tossed from a stroller, left to become sun faded on the sidewalk. I thought of the mom who was at home panicked at nap time trying to find this beloved item. The big crocodile tears coming from the child’s face, over the loss of their treasure. 


It was then… I did it… I jinxed myself. I thought “ohhh that poor mom, I am so glad we have not lost our toy…” 


Yep, it happened! After years of knowing better I did it!! I jinxed myself! 


A block from home I realized that the panic wiggling in the stroller was from my son desperately trying to find his beloved toy. Where had it gone!? 


Yep we were in the same shoes…. 


Our toy was somewhere in the sunshine, alone, out of arms reach of its owner. 


Will I learn my lesson from this experience … probably not! I will get cocky again. I will brag, I will become to confident in my mother skills… I will jinx myself once again! 

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