Strawberry Dream Cake


My daughter loves to bake, it’s her go to activity after nap time.  You know that time of day when it’s pre-dinner time, you’re watching the clock counting the minutes until the husband comes home and helps take over the massive craziness that is the house currently. The kids are bored, tired, fussy and whiney. It’s what I call the “witching hour”. 

So when she asks to bake with me, I say yes! Yes, to an activity that will keep her happy and fill up a few minutes until my support staff arrives home.

This day had been filled with two massively sick kids.  So, when those sweet puffy eyes and that runny nose looked up at me and asked me to “baking?”, how could I say no.  However, after having two sick kids for a few days now, we were running low on supplies and mommy’s energy. So I turned to something that is not a staple in our house… boxed cake mix.

Strawberry dream cake is super easy to make, however it tastes like you spent all day on it! You really need three simple things, (besides the ingredients you need for your boxed cake mix); cake mix, Jell-O, and cool whip.


Now, this day I used canned frosting since my dairy free daughter was eating it, so we did not use the cool whip which I highly recommend.  


Strawberry Dream Cake Recipe

One Box Cake Mix

Strawberry Jell-O

Cool Whip or White Frosting


Prepare the cake mix per the boxes instructions.  Once the cake is cooled, mix the strawberry Jell-O with one cup hot water.  Once it is dissolved let sit for a few minutes. Take the back side of a wood spoon, and poke hole in the cake.  I poke holes about an inch apart, covering the whole cake. Pour the Jell-O mix over the cake, allowing it to fill the holes.  Refigerated for at least an hour.  Once the cake is cooled, spread the Cool Whip over the top of the cake. I like to top the cake with fresh sliced strawberries.


Enjoy this sweet treat this summer.  It’s perfect for an afternoon treat to be enjoyed with an ice-cold glass of lemon aid.

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