No Fuss Cake Doughnuts


My daughter thinks there are two food groups in her world, doughnuts and ice cream.  Since we have food allergies, buying doughnuts cost more than the $.50 ones most people buy at the local gas station.  They can run up to $2 each and come frozen. 

We were lucky enough to find a local food truck that offers allergy friendly mini doughnuts! This was life changing for us! I had not had a mini doughnut in over seven years! I think we both ate our weight in doughnuts, three times over, the first time we tried them.

I have tried multiple recipes for doughnuts but they all came out hard as a rock or weighed a pound each!  It was hard to find a recipe that was gluten free, and was light and fluffy! Tons of recipes that I found called for you to fry them in oil, which to me sounded like too much work!

I started experimenting and I found the BEST recipe for cake doughnuts out there! Any busy mom will be thankful for this super easy recipe!! I took the term cake doughnuts to heart and just used a cake recipe! Why not right!

To make it even more kid friendly we made them tie-dye!


No Fussy Cake Doughnuts

One box cake mix or use Perfect Gluten Free/Dairy Free Cupcakes
Food coloring
Two cups powdered sugar
One Tablespoon vanilla


Prepare the box cake mix as instructed on the box. (I used ALDIS gluten free cake mix).  Once the cake mix is prepared into batter, separate into three bowls. Since it was the fourth of July we made our doughnuts red, white, and blue! Use the food coloring to add color to the three bowls. Once they are mixed, grease a doughnut tin such as this one. I layered the red, white, then blue batter into each doughnut mold, then took a chop stick and swirled the batter making them look tie-dyed.


I baked them at 350 degrees for about twenty minutes.


In a separate bowl; mix the powdered sugar, vanilla, and a few drops of water to form the glaze.  Once the doughnuts are cooled, you can drizzle the glaze on top or dunk them into the glaze.

These doughnuts are quick, easy and no fussy! Every busy moms’ dream!


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