Miles And Memories


miles and memories


If these old shoes could talk…

Some people just see a pair of mud stained shoes with frayed laces. They see thinning soles and the weathered fabric. Yes, these babies have done their time. Have earned their retirement for sure.

When I look at them I see something different. I see the long road we have been on. The support and comfort they have offered me.


Originally a Mother’s Day gift from my mom a few years ago, they were bright pink and full of hope.


They carried my big puffy pregnancy feet to the park as I pushed my daughter in the stroller. They withheld the test of time, as we stood in the wood chips for hours every week as I pushed her in the swing.


Those puppies barked as my husband and I walked for hours around the neighborhood, way past midnight, trying to get labor to progress. It was there under the star light that we brain stormed middle names for the sweet baby, making some of my best memories with my husband in the process.


They carried me into the hospital that nervous early morning, and carried me back out a few days later with that little baby in my arms, safe and sound asleep!


They supported me on our first walk with two kids, both of which were not as excited to be out of the house as I was.


Through countless shopping trips, laps of the zoo, walks to the park, stroller rides at nap time with crying kids they helped sustained my sanity.


As I have worked so hard to shed those last few pounds of baby weight they have been my rock. I have strapped them on and taken on the world… they have served me well.


However, the time has come that we part our ways. As I reach my new running goals, I have brought in a younger, more youth full teammate.


These old shoes have done their job, they have earned their retirement on the garage shelf. Where they can watch me tackle this next step in my life.

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