The Diaper Bag Battle

We all struggled with that dang diaper bag. It’s a black hole of half full sippy cups, loose fruit snacks, baby socks, and books that are missing pages. It’s a bag you haul everywhere, and you just pray it has what you need, when you need it!

I try my best to clean out our diaper bag every Sunday night, however I swear our bag weighs at least ten pounds no matter what.

By the time I wrestle two kids into the store, get one in the seat of the cart and the other into the basket of the cart, there is not much room for the ten-pound diaper bag let alone groceries. By the time you make the rounds in the grocery store, your back is aching and you’re sweating buckets!

I have to admit, I think I have found the answer!! After a recent Facebook post a friend of mine sent me, I found this life saving diaper bag holder.

Ellanor Klaire Handcrafted Goods3

Ellanor Klaire Handcrafted Goods make these amazing diaper bag holders.  They are super cute, and easy to use. Plus, she makes them with these crazy fun fabrics!


You just loop it around your shopping cart or your stroller and click it onto your diaper bag. You are handsfree and ready to go. No more back aches, no more back sweat, no more needing a glass of wine after a trip to the store. Ok let’s not get crazy, but the first two are correct.

Ellanor Klaire Handcrafted Goods is a company owned by a mom just like you and me.  A mom looking to make a little extra cash on the side and had so much fun making super cute stuff for her own baby girl that she went into business. She offers everything from the cutest bows to match any outfit, to these bag straps.

We recently took family photos and my daughter wore one of her pink leather bows.  It was so cute and everyone has commented on them!


Now I am not getting paid for this. I am just trying to support another mom with a passion.  I strongly feel that we all need to stick together, and support one another.  This motherhood thing is not easy! Any way we can support one another is excellent.

So, at the end of the day, I just wanted to share with you all my most recent motherhood finds.  These babies are definitely going into my top ten best (can’t live without) baby items I have found.  If I can save one mom from a mind blowing backache, I will feel like my work here is done!


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