Mom Therapy


The swoosh of a child whizzing by your leg as they run circles around the room. You do a slow shuffle, kicking toys out of your way, as you make your way to the kitchen to start dinner. You realize in the moment, as you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror, that you still are still in your ‘uniform’ of yoga pants and a t-shirt and your messy bun has brought on a whole new meaning to ‘messy bun’.


You might feel frazzled, tired, like a complete failure. How can little people make you question who you are so much?

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Finding My Mom Friend


They say it takes a village to raise kids. I never understood that until I had children of my own.

This mom thing is HARD… It’s easier if you have someone by your side that can support you through it. There is only so much a hubby can do. They can’t truly understand how it feels to feel like your always failing, mom guilt, chapped nipples, or hours of being home alone with a newborn screaming their head off.
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Dear Husband: What Mommy Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

Dear Husband_ What Mommy Really Wants For Valentine_s Day


In the dating stages of a relationship Valentine’s Day is all about red roses, sexy “pjs” and expensive gifts. Let’s be real, after kids all we want is some rest and alone time. Yes, hubby I love you but the best gift you can give me doesn’t come in a little black box, has an expensive price tag, or require me to get dressed up.  Continue reading “Dear Husband: What Mommy Really Wants For Valentine’s Day”

Laughter and Kisses

Laughter and Kisses

Hi all! My name is Annie, I am the face behind Laughter and Kisses. Laughter and Kisses is all about filling your home with love and laughing instead of crying on those hard parenting days! You know the days I am talking about! The days where your kids are driving you nuts, testing every limit, and you are two months behind on your laundry. I wanted a realist view of motherhood for woman, so they know they are not alone! I love my kids but some days they drive me nuts! It’s normal!  Continue reading “Laughter and Kisses”

Ohhh… It was a day!


Man it was a day! A day of all days!

After a night of being up with the toddler crying with stomach cramps, my husband finally gave in and put our daughter in bed with us around 4am. I was up at 5am nursing the baby in bed, looking at my sweet baby girl and hubby snuggling together. Part of me was kind of jealous of the fact he was getting those sweet snuggles.

Around 6am the toddler rolled over into the nook of my arm to snuggle, within seconds I felt this warm sensation all over me. Yep, she rolled over to pee on me.  Continue reading “Ohhh… It was a day!”

Adventures of the Double Stroller


It’s that time of year, where the stores are a buzzing and your to do list never gets shorter.

When we found out we were expecting our second child we were thrilled! We started shopping for double strollers right away. I had put miles and miles on our old stroller with our daughter. Going for four to five mile walks daily, weekly trips to the mall to window-shop; just a ton of miles spent using that stroller.

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