Laughter and Kisses

Laughter and Kisses

Hi all! My name is Annie, I am the face behind Laughter and Kisses. Laughter and Kisses is all about filling your home with love and laughing instead of crying on those hard parenting days! You know the days I am talking about! The days where your kids are driving you nuts, testing every limit, and you are two months behind on your laundry. I wanted a realist view of motherhood for woman, so they know they are not alone! I love my kids but some days they drive me nuts! It’s normal! 

Some times as moms we feel like we have to put on this show for other moms, so we aren’t judged. We only post photos on Facebook of our smiling kids, in clean clothes, loving each other. What you don’t see is the mountain of dishes in the kitchen, the toys and books cluttering the floor, the sticky surfaces, the melts downs, the tears, and the struggle that is being a mom.

I want this to be a community for other moms, a way for us to support each other. To know, hey you are not crazy! This motherhood, this is HARD!!

At the end of the day, after all of the struggles, you kiss your kids good night and it’s all worth it!

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