Dear Husband: What Mommy Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

Dear Husband_ What Mommy Really Wants For Valentine_s Day


In the dating stages of a relationship Valentine’s Day is all about red roses, sexy “pjs” and expensive gifts. Let’s be real, after kids all we want is some rest and alone time. Yes, hubby I love you but the best gift you can give me doesn’t come in a little black box, has an expensive price tag, or require me to get dressed up. 

Our wants are simple, we just want a break. Here five things you can do to make her valentines day extra special.


Potty Time

Let’s face it, we just want to pee alone! Yes we want to use the restroom alone! No one else in the room, the door closed. No little hands under the door, no knocking, or little voices say “mom”. Just let us pee in peace.


We want to eat!  Make us a meal.

Part one: Make a plan, go to the store (with the kids), and cook the meal. Don’t ask us where the cutting board is, or if we can watch the kids so you can cook. Cook us a full on meal.

Part two: Then let us eat. You cut up the toddler’s food, hold the baby and refill sippy cups. Just let her eat a full meal, sitting down, facing forward (not sideways helping kids) and let her chew her food.

It’s easy, it’s not hard. It doesn’t have to be fancy! She will be happy with sloppy Joes and French fries. As long as she did not have to shop, prepare or help serve the meal. We don’t care; we just want to eat a full meal, sitting down.


Let us get a handle on things!

Let us clean or get stuff done around the house without the kids!  We just want to fold laundry without the piles becoming a landing pad for the kids to jump into. We want to organize our closet so we can find clothes that don’t harbor stains or are our pregnancy pants.  We want to do so without our “little helpers”. Don’t interrupt us either. Don’t ask us to hold the baby so you go use the restroom for half an hour. Let us just get the massive chaos that is our house, back in order without interruptions!

Let us sleep

Be on duty at nighttime, if you hear the baby fuss jump up and take care of it. If the kids need a drink of water, refill the sippy cup! Let us just sleep, without having to wake you up a million times to get out of bed to go take of the kids! Take the night shift and let us clock out at 7pm.


What we want for Valentine’s Day is just some time to reboot our batteries. Let us feel human again, give us a break. It’s worth more to us than any amount of chocolate and wine, ok maybe that would be good too!


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