Marvelous Mama- Ashli Brehm

Marvelous Mama- Ashli Brehm


When I think of Ashli, I think of that wild mama dancing in her kitchen sporting a one-piece pajamas singing at the top of her lungs. Her infectious laugh that causes you to smile no matter the morning you have endured.

That is Ashli Brehm, a high energy ball of smiles and goodness.

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Five Ways To Keep Your Marriage Alive When You Have Small Kids


Five ways to keep your marriage alive when you have small kids3

Having young kids can put a real strain on a marriage. It’s the hardest time of your life, when you have tiny people running around eating up all of energy and attention.

Anyone who knows me, knows I should not be talking. There are times I love my husband but I strongly dislike him for walking over that pile of laundry that needs to be folded, or for not loading the dish washer. However, we are a team. We make it work, we work together for the most part.

When you have young kids, its all about finding those little moments to show love and support for each other. Its not about long romantic walks, fancy four-star dinners, or little boxes filled with jewelry. Its about the basics.

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Making Memories Not Messes

Making Memories Not Messes

When I look around my house, I breath in the clutter. I take in the puzzle pieces covering my dusty hard wood floors. The cast of Paw Patrol napping on the couch. This mis-matched doll outfits thrown across the rug. The big bright yellow tractors that are hauling random plastic play food to market. I see the sprinkling of glitter and now dried glue covering my kitchen table, and small bits of play dough on the floor beneath.  I breath it in, I smile. What I see are memories, not messes.

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Motherhood Fear: Will I Be Enough


Motherhood Fear_ Will I Be Enough

I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I sat there, my phone in one hand, my other hand resting on my 37-week round belly. It had come time to make this call, it had been coming for a while but I had been putting it off. There was no putting it off anymore, this baby was coming soon and I had had to make the call.

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Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids: Filled With Summer Time Fun


Fun [Non-Candy] Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids2
We have a family tradition for our Easter baskets. Every year I put the same items in our kid’s Easter baskets. Simple items that we can use all spring and summer. Rather than filling them full of candy and toys that will clutter up the playroom floor in the weeks following. Here is what I include in the Easter baskets every year.

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