My Husband Has Super Powers

my husband

My Husband has a super power. No really, he does!

I love my husband dearly but I am jealous of his super power.

Super powers, really, I guess. You see he has five! Amazing I know!!

First off, his super power of sight. He has this power if being able to walk right past a pile of clean laundry without a second thought. He can go to bed without worrying about it. It blows my mind!

Second, he has the power of smell. He canโ€™t smell that ripe diaper. He can wait for my just average smell to take care of that nice big bulging diaper.

Third, he has the power sound. You know that sound of late night cries from little ones. He can snore right through it. In the morning he can applaud the kids for sleeping through the night, even if they were up every hour.

Fourth, he has the power of touch. He can touch this sticky little toddler hands, just cover in fruit snacks gunk, and send them off to play without a second thought.

Fifth, his most amazing super power is taste. He can eat my burnt meatloaf without raising an eyebrow. He can eat dry chicken, burnt soup, and freeze burned pizza and not say a word. He knows that I tried, that by dinner time I was just spent. He eats it with a smile on his face, and without a word.

My husband has super powers. Itโ€™s amazing. Every day I look up at him with amazement!!

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