Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids: Filled With Summer Time Fun


Fun [Non-Candy] Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids2
We have a family tradition for our Easter baskets. Every year I put the same items in our kid’s Easter baskets. Simple items that we can use all spring and summer. Rather than filling them full of candy and toys that will clutter up the playroom floor in the weeks following. Here is what I include in the Easter baskets every year.

Swim Wear
I include a new swimsuit in the Easter baskets every year. The kids are so excited about their new swim wear and the hope of warm swimming weather.


Swim Toys
Fun little extra swim toys. such as squirt guns, beach balls and other pool floaties. I also buy all new squirt toys, I throw out last years since they are full of mold. Anything really for them to play with in the pool, and keep them busy.

Fun [Non-Candy] Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids

Bubbles and Chalk
Sunshine fun! This is a great opportunity to restock our outside play time supplies. We always go through a ton of this stuff every year. So we restock our chalk bucket and our bubble station for Easter. Fresh and new for the spring.


Summer Outfit and Sun Glasses
Fresh new outfit for spring. It’s so much fun to start the season out with new clothes. I include a fun new sun dress, shorts, or a fun new shirt. I’m always surprised by the fact that they are excited about clothes and shades. I think they are just so excited for warmer weather.


New Dinnerware
It’s a great time to refresh our stained and worn out dinnerware. Toss out those pasta stained plates, with a new one. We spend a lot of time outside during the summer, so I always make sure the kids have new water bottles for our long days at the park. Spring is a new time to refresh those old water bottles and dinner plates!

Fun [Non-Candy] Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids-eggs

Easter Eggs
I fill our Easter eggs with fun little kid items instead of candy. I have found that Little People fit prefect in the larger eggs. I put in NEW BOWS, and

Fun [Non-Candy] Easter Baskets Ideas For Kids-eggs2

This is what I always include in our Easter Baskets every year. Things that we will use in our daily life over the course of our next few months. The kids get so excited over these items and the hopes of warmer weather!








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