Today I Had To Say Good Bye To A Best Friend



Today I Had To Say Goodbye To A Best Friend

Today I had to say good bye to a best friend.

This morning at 11:39am our beloved dog passed away in my arms.

He had been through it all with us. Life’s ups and downs.

He had been there at the start of my relationship with my now husband, way back in our college days.

He witnessed our first big fight as a married couple.

He licked away the tears as I mourned the loss of a pregnancy.

He would not leave my side as I had the pleasure of being on bed rest with both of my kids.

He then kept watch as the babies would sleep, safe in their crib.

Today I Had To Say Goodbye To A Best Friend3

 He loved to run laps around the bouncy seat which resulted in hysterical laughter from the little ones.

He attended many tea parties in his best princess attire. He was a house keeper, keeping the floor under the hair chair always crumb free!!

Today I Had To Say Goodbye To A Best Friend4

He was our fearless leader on walks to the park every afternoon, keeping pace with the stroller.

He was my best friend.

There will be a hole in our family tonight.

An empty spot in our hearts and our home.

We will miss you dear friend.


Today I Had To Say Goodbye To A Best Friend2

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