To The Woman Who Gave Me A Voice

gave me a voice

I am thankful for my other family…


I am so thankful for my other family. No- not my loud, thoughtful, at times overly open biological family.  I am talking about my other family- my “Her View From Home family”.


As many of you know I am also a freelance writer for Her View From Home. Her View From Home is what I would call an online magazine featuring every topic women want to talk about. They feature stories on everything from pregnancy to the loss of a family member, silly things kids say to inspirational stories of faith.

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Five Parenting Blogs That Will Inspire You

five parenting blogs at will inspire you

From that first moment, when you find out that you are expecting you start to read dozens of books about your pregnancy.  What size of fruit the baby is every week to the benefits of reading to your little one.  However, that moment when you get into that car for babies first car ride, and you see the hospital disappearing in the rearview window! It hits you! You have not prepared for how to take care of that little one!

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