To The Woman Who Gave Me A Voice

gave me a voice

I am thankful for my other family…


I am so thankful for my other family. No- not my loud, thoughtful, at times overly open biological family.  I am talking about my other family- my “Her View From Home family”.


As many of you know I am also a freelance writer for Her View From Home. Her View From Home is what I would call an online magazine featuring every topic women want to talk about. They feature stories on everything from pregnancy to the loss of a family member, silly things kids say to inspirational stories of faith.

Her View is made up of wonderful writers from all walks of life.


Almost two years ago a frazzled, lonely stay-at-home mom emailed Her View, wanting share her story. With no writing experience, she just wanted her voice to be heard.  That fizzled Mom was me! I wanted an outlet to share my experiences and help other moms.


Leslie Means (Her View Owner) took me under her wing and gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received… a voice. She did not know me. She had no idea where I was coming from or how badly I needed this! She took me under her wing, published my work, and gave me a voice!


She gave me the chance of feeling important for the first time in a long time. She gave me a chance to feel like the old me, the pre-kid me! She gave me the chance as a stay-at-home mom to earn a little fun money.  She gave me a voice, and for that I will always be grateful!


Since then, she has mentored me, helping me to become a better writer. She has encouraged me to reach for my dreams. She is the soul reason that Laughter and Kisses even started!! She has continues to inspire me. She has taught me that you can be a mom and still achieve your dream!


Through Her View I have met so many amazing women! People who have never met, however we know each other on a deeper level. We are closer and more open with each then we are even with our closest friends! We are each other’s cheerleaders, we lift each other up, and celebrate each other success!


I am inspired by every single one of these women. They are so brave to bear their soul on “paper” every day.


Every morning I start my day reading Her View from Home. I take those few moments as I lay in bed, holding my breath so the children don’t wake. I read… walking away inspired, ready to take on any challenges the day might bring!

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