Frozen Car Pee- Shopping With Kids This Holiday Season


We have been in and out of the car a few dozen times today! 


Which means, a few dozen times I have parked the car only to find the tiny little humans have disrobed in the back seat. 


I then recite my typical lines of … “where are your boots?” “You had two mittens when we left the house!?” “Stop putting your sox in your mouth!!” 


I then ice skate across the parking lot carrying 60 plus pounds of children in my arms as stressed out Christmas shoppers honk at me from the comforts of their cars. 


Only to taken on the battle of getting winter boots through the holes of the shopping charts, as I take a few missed kicks to the stomach. 


After filling my chart and sweating about ten pounds, then I push the heavy chart through the inch of snow and slush back to the car.


Then we tug and pull the car seat buckles over the jackets and boots fall back to the car floor. 


This has all been topped by the wet spot of fresh toddler peed in my back seat today. That has mixed with the smell of my half empty Diet Coke can and two tons of forgot fruit snacks in the back seat to create a fun aroma in my car. 


The moral of the story… let those moms take the closer parking spot. If you see a mom pushing a chart full of junk and kids, move out of her way and smile at her. When you open that gift this holiday season, think about the massive amount of work it her to even get to the store to buy it!!


Also, I would love ideas of how to get now frozen pee out of my car seats…..




Laughter and Kisses


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