The Adventures of Mom’s Black Shirt


Ohhh the adventure of mom’s black shirt…

As a mom you learn so many things that first few years of motherhood! You except change in your household. Like the increased amount of black and blue marks on your legs from banging them on baby gates, the crunch of cereal under foot almost everywhere you walk, and the sticky hand rails going up the stairs. However there are some things, like your wardrobe , that you forget about.

Now please keep in mind I am a clean person! I shower everyday, even though it includes two crying kids in the bathroom with me most days, I try my best to look put together.

I try to get dressed, like an adult, every day even if we are staying home. Even though I have to admit after the third toddler melt down over the lack of fruit snacks in her diet I tend to resort back to my “uniform” of sweat pants and my husband’s tee shirts.

Any woman who has nursed knows there are certain clothing items you have to stay away from, such as the white t-shirt. Unless you want to look like a bad 90’s movie featuring the tasteless “wet t-shirt contest” look, it’s best to stay away from the white tee. This will happen no matter how much you try to prevent it and it always happens at the most “interesting times”. Like at the register at Target or a visit to the in-laws.

There was one time when our daughter was a newborn and I brought my husband lunch at work. I was so proud of myself for getting out of the house and taking this tiny human out all by myself! I got to his place of business and was showing off the new baby to his coworkers. It wasn’t until my husband was walking me back out to the car that he said, “you know you have baby vomit down the back of your shirt, right?” Mom fail!

The second time around I felt so cocky, like I got this! Yeah, cough cough, right!

I thought I would wise up and would wear black shirts. It would hide the color marker marks and the “leaks”. Big mistake.

It was smart in theory however it just highlighted the baby spit up, toddler slime, tooth paste splash, and extra events of the day.

I used to get frustrated with my dirty shirt. Frustrated that I worked so hard on trying to be a normal human but was failing until I wised up!

Who cares! I wear that shirt as a badge of honor!!! I survived the tantrum of having to brush teeth this morning! I survived the painting project after naps. I got to comfort her after she tripped on the sidewalk, and I have tears and runny noise marks to prove it. I may have baby spit up on me, but that just proves I am blessed enough to have that sweet new baby. I may be rocking a fruit snack or a sticky cheerio but hey I am saving money on accessories!

I wear that black shirt as a road map of my day. Yes, there are some days where my husband comes home, looks at my shirt and says “long day?” But heck I survived! It can be washed.

Me and my black shirts have been on many adventure these last few months. With a toddler and a newborn, it’s a wild ride. But I wear my black shirt as a badge of honor!

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