Why Motherhood Is Just Like An Episode of Grey’s Anatomy


As most women today, I grew up in the world of Grey’s Anatomy! I am not going to lie I have binge watched all of the past seasons on Netflix multiple times! As I did, I have realized how as a mom, my life has surprisingly become a lot like the show!

Let’s start with the basics.

As a mom with young kids someone is always crying, throwing up, and/or bleeding. Just like Grey’s there is always a need for medical attention. Most of the time mine doesn’t require stitches or surgery, just a Paw Patrol band-aid and some kisses.


The drama…..and more drama. 

We watch attentively to the drama of Meredith’s love life, tissues in hand while holding our breath.  We also wonder is Kerav ever going to find true love, or is Yang ever going to stop dancing on tabletops? It doesn’t matter if it’s l-vad wires being cut or ex-army guys pulling icicles out of stomachs, it’s drama. It sucks you in and you cant look away. Just like motherhood with toddlers.

Now drama at my house is more limited to putting juice into the wrong color sippy cup or forgetting that we don’t like our food touching other food.  These things still get the same reaction as if Derek had just been shot. Sheer massive break down!!!!

Unlike the show, I may not have a bomb in a body cavity but I have a toddler that could go off at any time!


You have to get creative.

On Grey’s, there is always someone hooking up in storage closets, elevators, and parked cars. I think we all remember one of the first episodes where Bailey catches Meredith and Derek in a parked car. Or how about when Izzy and Karev get down in a storage closet during “the bomb”, no pun attended, episode.

Well when you have kids, you have to get creative too and that is all my husband will let me say on that…


Dance it out! 

Dance it out baby! When the toddler is flailing on the floor having a tantrum and the baby is crying in the bouncer, just dance it out! Within minutes every one has stopped making noise and is staring at mom, wondering what the heck she is doing?! It works every time!!

When you have hit your limit of dirty dishes, the laundry pile is taller than your toddler, and the only thing to eat in your house is freezer burned veggies and a brown Banana… Dance it out. No matter the stress, after a 30 second dance party you will feel a million times better, trust me!

Meredith and Yang had the right idea! Thirty-second dance party is the cure all for almost anything. Those are two wise women!!


Now I may not be saving lives every day, but I truly believe that my life is a lot like Grey’s Anatomy!! Some days all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show… Who knows where it will go!

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