Five Parenting Blogs That Will Inspire You

five parenting blogs at will inspire you

From that first moment, when you find out that you are expecting you start to read dozens of books about your pregnancy.  What size of fruit the baby is every week to the benefits of reading to your little one.  However, that moment when you get into that car for babies first car ride, and you see the hospital disappearing in the rearview window! It hits you! You have not prepared for how to take care of that little one!

You have no idea if you’re the only one who is struggling with night feedings, are there other moms who is nagging her toddler fifty million times a day to stop jumping on the couch, or if you are the only one that truly struggles with the day.  No one talks about that!!

Being a parent is isolating.  It’s something you just can’t prepare for!

You need to know that you are not alone.  You’re not the only parent in the world that feeds their kids chicken nuggets two nights in a row or that at the end of the day you just want them to SLEEP!!

Everyone knows my feeling on parenting, and how I feel that we should just be real with one another. Let’s cut out all the fake, sugar coating and be real! Parenting can be rewarding, challenging, and the hardest thing that you have ever done in your life!!

These blogs will offer you hope that you are not alone! You will be laughing at their struggles, shaking your head YES to their complaints, and jumping for joy that you are not alone when you think your kids might be a little crazy. They have inspired me, and they have inspired the start of Laughter and Kisses. These are real people with real parenting moments!

Here are five blogs that you should also be following.  

1.  Dad Rant

Ok, these two guys just hit it on the head when it comes to parenting. Every Monday morning, they release what you can call a vlog about parenting. These short three to four-minute clips are the most hysterical rants on parenting young kids.   Theses rants cover topics from everything from hanging out with friends to the wonderful noises that we call kids music. These rants are the best part of my week, it’s a great way to start the new week with a laugh. 


2.       Baby on Brehm

Ashli is an amazing mom in Omaha who in the last year has overcome breast cancer and has been busy raising her three young boys. She is one of those people who after just watching one of her Facebook lives you just feel like you have been best friends forever.  She seems like she would be so much fun to go on a girl’s night out with. Her Facebook lives offer a real inside view into motherhood.  She will be standing in her kitchen in her jammies, making kids lunches as she has these deep talks about life as you see little people run around in the background. She is truly one of the more inspiring women I have ever known.


3.       Her View From Home

I cannot stress enough how inspiring this group of women are! There are writers from all walks of life, sharing their personal stories. They feature stories about everything from those first days of parenthood to the loss of a parent. The stories on this blog will have you in tears and laughing all within the same day. These are real woman writing about their stories and about helping others.  If you need a feel-good moment, or a laugh at someone else’s wild children, head over to Her View From Home. It’s real moms with real struggles.


4.       That’s Inappropriate

Meredith has a ‘rip the band aid off approach’ to parenting and I just love it! She covers everything from man colds to large amount of pee on her bathroom floor.  I love when she goes live on Facebook on Fridays. She sits there folding her laundry as she chats about her parenting struggles that week. I am ALSO a BIG fan of Wine Wednesday, when she covers popular topics from social media.  It’s like your talking to a girlfriend about the news after you both have had a few glasses of wine. She just cracks me up with her honest and realistic view of parenting. I guarantee that you will be rolling on the floor!


5.       Project Hot Mess

Is a blog to inspire woman, owning who you are and taking a moment to enjoy every day moments. The witty writing will make you laugh out loud.  She has this way of writing that lifts you up and brightens even your darkest day.  This is a must read when you have had a long day at work or you just need a smile at the end of the day!


When you need that mom break, a good laugh, or a little parenting taste of hope… check out these parenting blogs! Some days it takes a village!!

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