Ten Things You Need If You Are Now Homeschooling A Preschooler

Ten things you need if you are now homeschooling a preschooler


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How did we get here… I think all moms everywhere are in a state of shock. Reassessing our daily life, and our wine supplies.

I never imaged I would be homeschooling my kids- however here I sit on a child’s chair at a small table holding back tears as I trying to explain spelling and simple math to my kids.

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Pre-School Quiet Time Boxes

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know- MY KIDS NEVER SLEEP! However, I do enforce a quiet time after lunch. These allows them to relax and let their little minds rest. Plus, it allows mom to make phone calls and get some work done.

So, in an effort to encourage them to relax I have created “quiet time boxes”. I rotate these boxes every day and they get a box after lunch with an activity they have to do in their bed or room.

Here are the boxes I have made for my preschooler:

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