Five Ways You Can Help Grandparents During This Difficult Time

Five ways you can help grandparents during this difficult time


We are all feeling alone- struggling to cope with this feeling of fear. A lot has changed in our world over the past few weeks! Grocery stores are now danger zones, we attend church over the internet, and we spend days at a time at home. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone.

The elderly population is even at a greater risk right now, they are at greater risk for the Covid-19 and feeling alone! Many of them are home alone- unable to see friends or the family they count on for help or socializing!

There are so many ways you can help grandparents or great grandparents even from a far!

Brighten their days, make them feel not so alone, and help them feel needed. Here are a few simple ways you can help those older family members!



#1- Drop Off A Game

Mail or drop off board games you can play from afar! Games such as Battle Ship or Guess Who work best. You each have half of the game- You can facetime with them or call them so the kids can play over the phone with them.

It’s a fun way for your kids to interact with them while practicing social distancing.


#2- A Simple Phone Call or Card

A simple phone call or a card in the mail can brighten anyone’s day! I will say this time and time again- the gift of communication will make anyone feel special and loved. Mail them some of the kids art work, call them every day as you pour yourself that second cup of coffee or during the kid’s bath time. Just take the few minutes a day to make sure they are ok and don’t feel alone!


#3- Bring The Kids Over To Ride Bikes In The Driveaway (They can watch from the safety of inside)

Change it up and provide some entrainment for everyone- drive over and let the kids ride bikes in their driveway or color pictures with sidewalk chalk. They can watch safely of inside as the kids play- while giving the kids a change of scenery. It’s a win for everyone.


#4- Order Them Groceries

Check in on those older grandparents or great grandparents- take over grocery shopping for them. Older people tend to be creatures of habit- always shopping on Tuesdays or Fridays are for getting their hair set. Help them adapt to this new normal by helping with the shopping on their normal days.

If you are too far away to do the shopping in person, consider having groceries delivered to their front door!

Help with that stress of being exposed, and just allow them to protect themselves!


#5- Keep Them Busy

Just like us all at this point they can get bored and depressed- keep them busy. Help provide ways they can keep busy and keep their mind off all the negative stuff going on.

Ask them to help you by making your kids a new quilt, or a dolly bed for the kids dolls, have them build a storage box for toys, ask them for kids aprons for when the kids can come over again and cook with them… just any thing where they feel needed or that they are help you too.

You can also have Amazon send over some word search books for them, or activity kits. Something new is always fun for anyone! Send them a kit to grow some herbs or flowers inside, or blank recipe book for them to fill out for you with all your favorite “grandma recipes”. Just something to keep their mind off the fact that they are stuck inside, away from their normal social life.


Bonus- Put together a photo album with the kids and deliver it to their mail box. Have the kids color the pages and fill it with stickers, add photos of the grandparents and the grand-kids! It’s a fun activity for the kids and will put a SMILE on the grandparents faces!!

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