How To Save Big When It Comes To Pets

How to save big when it comes to pets6

Let’s face it- we love our furry four-legged friends. However, they can cost your family a pretty penny!

The cute puppy kisses are great but those vet bill can be like a toddler kick to the gut! The toys, beds, leashes, and gear all add up. Don’t even get me started on grooming cost- the dog can’t have a more expensive hair cut then I do!

So, here are some hacks on how to save BIG on your four-legged friends! These are all things I have learned over the years with our pups.

Vet cost

Vet visits can be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to pet ownership. Your wallet can take a major hit with the annual exams alone.

Outside your community- The one way we have saved BIG is looking outside our area for a vet. We drive 25 minutes to a vet who is located more in the “country”. Its has been totally worth the drive- on the average visit we have saved anywhere between $78-398 pre visit!!! NO LIE!! There is a big mark up on “metro” vets.

Humane society- Did you know that your local humane society offers most vet services! It’s a fraction of the price as a normal vet! They offer annual shots for about cost! Plus, you can feel good that the SMALL profit they are making is going towards a good cause!

How to save big when it comes to pets


Now, when you have a dog who thinks that bedding in her kennel is a form of entertainment (and must be shredded to death daily), you may not want to keep shelling out the $30 a month for a new dog bed. So, here are a few ways you can save big!

Walmart Pillows and pillow cases- A medium dog kennel (for 35-50 pound dog) fits two standard size pillows perfectly. Grab the $2.50 pillows at Walmart and the $1.98 pillow cases for a fraction of the cost of other dog beds. Plus, you can take off the cases and wash them as needed!

Walmart also has throw blankets for $2.50 each! They are great for kennels if you have “chewers”! Easy to wash and easy to replace!

Also always check HomeGoods for discounted dog beds for $13-30 each if you need something a little more “pretty” for the living room floor.

How to save big when it comes to pets3


I swear in my next life I am going to be a dog toy designer! I love all the cute toys these days- everything from pumpkin spice lattes to squeaky toy bottles of beer. You can’t help but walk the aisle of any pet store with the giggles these days.

However, these toys come with a price tag. At anywhere from $9-13 a toy, it can cost a lot to keep your pup entertained.

Catch a good sale- recently we went to PetSmart. They were offering a sale on ALL toys (buy one get one). We also caught it right before a holiday where they are clear out the “holiday themed toys”. So, we got some Halloween toys (pumpkins, candy corn, skeleton, and trick or treat bucket) on sale, plus the “buy one get one”. We walked out of there with a BIG bag of dog toys (I think eight total) for under $9.95!!!

Right before Christmas we went (the kids wanted to shop for the pups), and we scored BIG! We scored a massive bone, that will last us months, for 90% off. Toys were $.83-1.10 each!!! A BIG savings!

Homegoods/TJ Maxx/ Marshalls– These stores always have a pet section that is overflowing with all the cute toys you see at high end pet shops, for a fraction of the price. You can get doughnuts, coffee mugs, purses, and rabbit toys for under $5 (often less). It’s a great spot to stock up on new stuff for your pooch since they come at such a low-price tag.


How to save big when it comes to pets8

Puppy or NOT A Puppy

Here is a really GREAT way to save on pet supplies that is a little out of the box but will save you big no matter the age of your dog!

Most pet retailers sell a “puppy package” for new pet owners. We purchased one at PetSmart when we got the newest pup. It was $20 for the “package” but we saved a TON of money! It included a $15 off coupon off any dog food, a free night stay at “dog hotel” (which we used for our larger and older dog when we went out of town- and was about a $65 value), free bath and grooming ($45), free puppy training class, coupons for dog toys, treats, free vet check, and several other things!

If you ever have to board your dog, I would look into this! You spend $20 for the “puppy package” but you get a free night stay saving you big! Totally worth it alone!

I would highly recommend this even if you have an older dog and you need to restock your supplies! Totally worth it!

How to save big when it comes to pets2

Having a pet in the house is a blessing, they are part of the family- however they can come with a price tag. These are just a few ways we keep the price down on our furry four-legged friends!

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