Ten Things You Need If You Are Now Homeschooling A Preschooler

Ten things you need if you are now homeschooling a preschooler


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How did we get here… I think all moms everywhere are in a state of shock. Reassessing our daily life, and our wine supplies.

I never imaged I would be homeschooling my kids- however here I sit on a child’s chair at a small table holding back tears as I trying to explain spelling and simple math to my kids.

I think every parent will now agree with me when I say TEACHERS are WAY under paid! BLESS their hearts for teaching my children… because I am not meant to do this!

However- we will move forward. We will do our best. We will try to keep things as normal as we can for our kids. We will TRY to teach them the basics.

Now, I am by no means a professional- I am just a mom of two, who has been recently forced into the role of “teacher”. So, please don’t feel the need to take my advice! I am just learning on my feet.

I hope some of these items will help you in the coming weeks- and give you some resources!

***** Please remember that the prices on Amazon can change at any time- these were the prices when I ordered them. 


art kit

  1. Alex Discover Ready, Set, School Craft Kit $17

This is a great set of “busy activities”- everything from cutting, writing, practicing tying shoes, to a few simple art projects! It’s a great kit, a little of everything- learning through play!



  1. School Zone – Three-Letter Words Flash Cards $2.99

These are great for those who are learning sight words! You have to find the matches and line them up to form the picture/word! Its simple and easy for little ones to do. It’s a great matching game, and reading activity to do.




  1. Ready-Set-Learn: Cutting & Tracing PreK-K $3.69

I love all these “ready-set-learn books”, they are simple for preschoolers, totally affordable, and they focus on those fine motor skills too! At around $3 each- its way more affordable then printing out a ton of work sheets.

My kids love this book- they also have a “cut and paste” book that we love too!





  1. How to Draw 101 Animals $3.99

Now this isn’t necessarily “educational”, maybe art class? However, my daughter who is almost five loves these kinds of books! It has simple step-by-step directions on how to draw animals. The step-by-step guide is simple enough that she can do it by herself. It’s a great busy time activity while I work or make dinner!




  1. Wooden Develops Alphabet Words Spelling Letter Block $16

This is a simple wooden block set with sight word cards- the child has to use the blocks to spell out the word. It’s a cute game! I just ordered it and I can’t wait to play it with the kids.




  1. Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cooperative Card Game at Home $12

This is a super cute idea for younger kids- they have to go find the item around the house. It helps with their indepence play! A great idea for when your making dinner and they need to go play!




  1. Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House $6.99

We have had this book for years and we all just LOVE IT! It’s simple science experiments that you can do with your kids and you will already have these items around your home! My kids just love it and it’s a great way to teach them!




  1. Over The Door Hanging File Organizer Wall Mounted, Office Supplies Storage Holder Pocket Chart for Magazine $15

I love this because you can keep all those worksheets from school, extra work books, and supplies organized but still out of the way and out of their hands!




  1. Kid’s Dry Erase Board Stand-Up Easel Whiteboard for Writing, Drawing, Fun Learning $21

We set up a little area with our kids table for “school”. This board is great for me to show them shapes, letters, and numbers! However, it folds flat and it won’t take up too much room! LOVE IT!




  1. Scotch Expressions Washi Tape Multi Pack $6.20

In our “school” area I have the same calendar and weather map as they have at school (thanks to our amazing preschool teachers)- so I taped the calendar and map up with this tape. Along with our art work and worksheets we have completed! Its fun wacky tape makes the area more fun- but gentle enough for the walls!


Don’t forget to do the basics- take this time to teach your child how to help you flip laundry, plant some herbs or spring flowers from seeds, have them make a rainbow plate of food for lunch with stuff from the fruit/veggie draw in the fridge, color pictures for grandparents that are stuck at home, play board games over facetime with grandparents (like guess who or Candyland), have a “car wash” their matchbox cars, let them paint the bath tub with pudding… anything silly and fun will brighten their day too!

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