How Sometimes I Am A Fifties House Wife, Read Before You Judge

50s wife

Yes, I am sure you’re going to hate me or have some strong opinions on this article. (I almost barfed even writing this… made me a little sick to admit.) Yes, some days I eye roll at myself also. However, there are many ways I am a fifties house wife and I love it.

In fact, it has helped my relationship with my husband and my kids. It has helped me feel better about myself. I used to roll my eyes at these kind of people- gag! However, I have started doing a FEW simple things to make me feel better about myself and they improved our family life also!

Here are the ways I have turned into a fifties housewife:

I get dressed every day. Yeah, even on those days that both kids have been up barfing all night, the dog is acting like a terror and we are snowed in. Yep, I shower- get dressed- and apply makeup before my husband gets home. He could care less what I look like or if I wear makeup (he prefers it if I don’t honestly). However, it makes me feel put together. It makes me feel like “me”- not like the tired hagered hot mess I really am.

Some days it doesn’t happen until 4:45pm- but I still change out of the yoga pants I slept in the night before and into a fresh pair before I start dinner.

By making me feel “put together” it really has helped make me feel more in control of the chaos- and more like a real adult. (even on the days I don’t leave the house).

My mom always told me I should do this when I had a new born- and I would just roll my eyes. This coming from the woman who had four kids and made every day feel like Disney land at our house growing up. I thought to myself- why bother if I don’t ever leave the house and like I have time anyways! However, slowly over the years I have realized that it’s not for any one else but for myself — as a form of self-care.

Even if its 5pm at night- take the five minutes to wash your face and change into clean clothes- trust me it helps!!!


I stand by the door every night to make sure the house looks clean and picked up when my husband walks through the door. Yeah you can eye roll now. However, I honestly do this every night!

I stand there so I can see his point of view when he walks through the door- I want the house to look nice and not the really massive chaos it is. The toys are picked up, the pillows are back on the couch, the random cereal is not spilled all over the floor.

Now anything out of that view line might be a massive mess- our bed might be piled high full of clean clothes that need to be folded, the bathroom might be redecorated with rolls of toilet paper (thanks to the toddler/dog), or the toys might be cluttering every inch of the playroom floor. However, from the front door the house seems to be put together.


I make homecooked meals every night and we eat at the kitchen table. Now this is because with my kids diet and my extremely strict diet We need too! It’s the only way we can eat. Fast food and take out is out of the question. So yes, most every night I make a homecooked meal from scratch. Some nights it’s a three-course meal, others it’s stuff I dumped into the crockpot before my morning coffee, and others it’s frozen chicken nuggets for the kids and a sweet potato for me served on paper plates. However, every night I cook.

Yes, most days it gives me anxiety at around 1pm when I start to worry about the next meal I have to serve- however I make it happen every night.

We sit down at the kitchen table (4 nights out of seven- the husband is not home for dinner) but we sit down. We chat a little about the day, we fill out our thankful journal, and I ask the kids to hurry up and eat their food about half a million times. That is a normal night for us.


I don’t unload when he comes through the door. This is one thing I have to try so hard at! Not greeting him at the door with a list of complaints. Complaining that the kids are fighting, getting mad that he forgot to take out the trash this morning, getting upset the stupid internet is not working again. No, I try not to jump on him verbally the minute he walks in the door. I TRY hard at this every night. I try my best to give him an hour before I make a comment- to say something. It’s hard, but I try my best because how would I like it if I was in his shoes and was greeted with negative news every time I walked in the door?


Ok, so maybe I am not meeting my husband at the door every night with a cocktail or vacuuming the house in pearls. However, I try! I try to be a homemaker. I try to give my family the best me. I try to make sure the house is not massive chaos when my husband walks through the door. Is it for everyone, heck no! Do I fail daily at this, YES! However, I do feel better when I try to accomplish these things everyday.

Just try it for a week and see if it helps. See if it helps lower your anxiety, adds order to your home, and helps your spouse unwind after a crazy day.

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