Pre-School Quiet Time Boxes

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know- MY KIDS NEVER SLEEP! However, I do enforce a quiet time after lunch. These allows them to relax and let their little minds rest. Plus, it allows mom to make phone calls and get some work done.

So, in an effort to encourage them to relax I have created “quiet time boxes”. I rotate these boxes every day and they get a box after lunch with an activity they have to do in their bed or room.

Here are the boxes I have made for my preschooler:


Workbook kit

My preschool loves to learn and do “homework” right now. I am going to enjoy this phase as long as I can! I have filled this box with tons of different books that I have found at the Dollar Store and the Dollar Spot at Target.

There are books with hidden pictures, mazes, letter writing, and other preschool age activities. She has her colored pencils in the box too. She loves to sit and do her homework and her table.


A world of felt

I found these little felt cut outs at the Target Dollar Spot, you can also find them at most craft stores. I bought this yard of felt at Walmart for $1.49.

She loves this box- she lays out the green felt fabric and creates little worlds from her imagination.

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes



These are a few of the magnet toys we have collected throughout the years. Either from garage sales, the Dollar Spot at Target, or gifts.

These are great because they can reuse them over and over again. She can use her imagination to create little scenes and stories- plus it’s a great quiet time activity.

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes5

Tiny tins

I can’t take the credit for this one. Grandma to the rescue! She made these super cute mint box activity boxes! SOOOO CUTE! She had all kinds of them! She had filled small mint boxes with different activities for the kids. Some are shells they could sort, others had dinosaurs or cars. My daughter favorite were these small magnet letters, and they had popsicle sticks with words on them. She had to spell out the word using the letters in the box.

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes2


Busy hands

This box is full of activities that keep tiny hands busy.  I filled it with cardboard sewing projects. Along with my daughter’s favorite- golf balls and pipe cleaners. You can build with them, string them together, and use your imagination.

I also add in Wiki Sticks sometimes- my kids are just madly in love with these things. They are wax cover sticks that you can mend and shape. Them you can peel them apart and rebuild with them!

Pre-school Quiet time Boxes3

Busy beads

My daughter got these as a gift for Christmas and I just love them. They are beads that you click together. You can make jewelry with them; however, you can also take them apart and reuse them.

She loves to dump them out in the box and make all kinds of jewelry with them.


beadsSo Mamas out there… enjoy that extra cup of coffee in peace while your kids dig into their boxes!

– Laughter and Kisses

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