Valentine’s Day- All Year Long


Valentine_s Day Love All Year LongValentine’s Day is more than just jewelry and red flowers. It’s more than heart shaped boxes and boxers with hearts. 


It’s about the relationships that we have all year long. The hard work we put into them. The joy that we share because of them. 


The people that we surround ourselves with, and the ongoing love that we have for them. 


Some days the relationship is stronger than others. Other days we can’t help but roll our eyes and bite our lip. 


Those people who we love, no matter what, should stay close to our hearts and in our prayers all year long. Not just on one day of the year. 


The little love notes should appear all year long. The thoughtful surprises and the sweet chocolate should be always welcome in our homes. 


It’s about the relationships that we cherish. 


It’s about the people we love. 


Let the Valentine’s Day love live longer in your home, then the red roses. 

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