I Fed My Kids Ice Cream For Dinner Tonight, And I Am Ok With That.

I Fed My Kids Ice Cream For Dinner Tonight, And I Am Ok With That

I fed my kids ice cream for dinner tonight, and I am ok with that.

Today was… well, all I can say is that I survived today.

I had attempted to prepare an Instagram worthy meal. I had found a creamy mushroom chicken recipe on Pinterest the night before.

I had ordered all the indigents on Walmart Pick Up (Receive $10 off here ). I made the homemade mashed potatoes and dinner rolls while the kids were playing at my feet.  I had even pulled out kid approved veggie mix out of the freezer to add to the meal.

However, it was not the picture perfect family meal that I had expected it to be. The hubby called and said he would be  home late from work. The kids, who had boycotted their afternoon nap, had other ideas on what should have been served for dinner. There was hysterical tears, there was bargaining. At the end of the day, the kids won. Mom was tired, worn out, and gave in to the tiny humans.

I could rationalize it. They were not feeling well. The baby had cut six teeth in the matter of the last ten days or so. The toddler was battling a wicked cold that had left her feeling run down and at times devilishly fun to deal with. They were not up to a big meal. They wanted comfort food, something to sooth their sore mouths.

My go to homemade popsicles had disappeared over the course of the last week due to the high demand of them. I desperately searched my freezers for something cold for them. After digging, a few colorful words, and a frostbit nose, I came across a half empty tub of ice cream.

So, I fed my kids ice cream for dinner. I was able to sneak a few bites of chicken between their bits of ice cream. I was able to get something in their tummies before bed time, and a dose of ibuprofen. I did my job as a mom.

Sometimes being a mom is not about those Pinterest worthy meals. It’s not about getting all those food groups into your child’s diet. It’s about what your child needs, in that moment.

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